Litecoin’s Recent Progress Hopes to Cross the $500 Mark

The crypto industry is facing global success, and Litecoin is the latest addition to the trend. LTC recently reached a market value of 383.819 dollars on The growth rate at that moment was 10.67% for the crypto, and it is maintaining the momentum.

LTC made news by breaking its all-time high market cap record of 23.701 billion dollars. Its recent growth helped Litecoin reach a market cap of 25.140 billion dollars. The amount translates to a whopping 1.03% of the total crypto market cap in the world.

During the previous 24 hours, Litecoin’s price has fluctuated between 334.673 dollars and 383.819 dollars. The previous week was golden for the crypto as it scored a market growth of 40.84%.

This period witnessed LTC being traded between 268.6 dollars and 383.819 dollars. The 24-hours trade volume for Litecoin is 9 billion dollars, accounting for 3.74% of the accumulated trade volume of the cryptocurrency market.

These stats make Litecoin one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies at the moment since BTC and ETH are both struggling a bit. BTC is experiencing a 1.17% of decrease while ETH is 0.57% up in the market.

However, even such huge strides are not enough to help LTC reach its all-time price of 420 dollars. Litecoin reached the price back in 2017; however, considering its recent spurt, the crypto might breach the record soon.

Litecoin Price Prediction: Will LTC reach $500 this month?

Seeing how LTC is leading the crypto circuit currently, numerous experts are adjusting their Litecoin Price Prediction. The most surprising yet achievable data came from the side of CoinMarketCap.

While the platform does not outright predict LTC to reach the mark, it hints towards the feat. Litecoin is quickly treading towards breaking its all-time high, and May 2021 might be the month it does so.

Litecoin is on a roll with 10.67% market growth and a market value of 383.81 dollars. Its recent growth makes it one of the most profitable investments in the market. Some have even predicted the crypto to reach the 500 dollar mark in May 2021. Will the crypto reach the mark? Given its quick surge, Litecoin might make it happen.

Roxanne Williams

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