LitLab Games integrates Chainlink VRF & boosts transparency in minting

LitLab Games takes the opportunity to make its official announcement of having incorporated the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the BNB Chain mainnet. This was managed with the help of the association formed with JoePegs. In this situation, it will be gaining connectivity with a tamper-proof, as well as an auditable source of randomness, in order to be able to randomize the method of minting, in terms of the first INO of CyberTitans, the Origins. Incidentally, LitLab Games happens to be a Web3 publisher as well as a studio firm. 

For users, this will help in exposing them to further transparency in terms of being assured that the OGs and HYBRID NFTs in the first lot will be totally randomized. Regarding the first INO, Origins, gamers will confront various benefits within CyberTitan’s ecosystem. They will be receiving real digital assets in-game that they can utilize in further events, as well as tournaments.

In order to be totally fair and transparent in the allocation of various NFTs through lucky draws, they required the assistance of a safe and dependable random number generator (RNG). After a lot of deliberations, they honed in on the Chainlink VRF. This was for its extensive academic research, as well as the fact that it happens to be backed by the oracle network and made safe with the generating, as well as on-chain authenticating of cryptographic proofs.

Chainlink VRF makes a combination of block data with the oracle node’s pre-committed private key in order to be able to bring about a random number, as well as a cryptographic proof. In this case, when the request is made, the block data happens not to be known. The JoePegs smart contract then comes into play. 

All of this happens to be for the entire benefit of the user who receives an automated, as well as authenticated confirmation on-chain, proving the fact that the pre-sale, as well as the public sale, is completely transparent and above board. According to the CEO of LitLab Games, Danvil Shatko, they happen to be utilizing on-chain as well as off-chain transactions, but in the case of clarity, it will be the Chainlink VRF. 


Where Chainlink is concerned, it happens to be the parameter for the Web3 services platform. It has been instrumental in carrying out enormous volumes of transactions through DeFi, as well as insurance, gaming, NFTs, and a whole lot of other prime companies. It provides developers the opportunity of being able to create high-standard Web3 applications and get conveniently connected to real-time data, along with off-chain computation. In the case of Global companies, it happens to be opening the doors to all blockchains.      

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