LongHashX joins Manta Network as a new Ecosystem Incubation Partner

Manta Network announced a partnership with LongHashX Accelerator as an Ecosystem Incubation Partner.

As one of the first platforms to join Manta Network, LongHash will facilitate the adoption of zkNTFs and zkSBTs. Known for bootstrapping Web3 ecosystems, LongHash Ventures has established a distinct name in the industry.

The platform invests in early-stage Web3 projects to assist their growth. At the same time, LongHashX Accelerator partners with protocols and ecosystems to assist early-stage founders. Names like Filecoin, Axelar, and Polkadot have already entered a partnership with LongHash.

Over 70 worldwide Web3 projects have used their accelerator since 2018, raising over 150 million dollars in funding. LongHash also boasts alumni, such as Astar, Balancer, Instadapp, Acala, Lit Protocol, Zapper, Tranchess, Xanpool, and Mintable.

The collaboration will allow projects within the Manta Ecosystem Grants program to join the Incubation Partners accelerator program. Projects developing on Manta will also get the chance to secure funding under Manta Ecosystem Grant. 

This will also expose them to mentorship and marketing opportunities. Mantra has designed its grants program to help Web2 and Web3 user acquisition via its user framework. Its toolkits facilitate Web3 decentralized privacy to onboard massive Web2 apps into Web3. 

Developers prefer Manta since it allows them to create wallet-free and user-friendly experiences of privacy. This includes identity verification via zkSBTs. Any project interested in developing on Manta can apply for its grants program.

As an L1 blockchain, Manta proposes programmable privacy to Web3. That is why its collaboration to make LongHashX Accelerator its Ecosystem Incubation Partner is expected to bring massive traction to Web3. Since names like Polychain and Binance Labs support the blockchain, the partnership will prove to be fruitful for LongHash as well. 

Roxanne Williams

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