Loopex Token (XLP) – A Global Platform to Trade Smarter

Loopex is a universal platform, offering various cryptocurrency assistances to its users. They organize cryptocurrency financial centers with the help of upgraded blockchain technologies. Their vocation is to prompt the exchange of cryptocurrencies to the next level. The Loopex team tries their best to make crypto trading as complacent, beneficial, safe, and secure as possible.

The Loopex IEO has been held right after the launch of the Loopex exchange. The number of XLP tokens is a total of 1,000 000 000 of which 400 000 000 would be sold during the XLP IEO. 1 (one) XLP during the IEO phase will cost $ 0.0065.

By the end of the IEP, the XLP tokens would be formally accessible only on the website www.loopex.io. Loopex IEO has been ceased after 60 days. Right after the IEO conclusion, the tokens have been formally applicable for open market trading in XLP/BTC, XLP/ETH pairs.

Status VIP would be undoubtedly allocated to customers who would buy 30 000 XLP or more during Loopex IEO. VIP position entitles users to trade on the Loopex platform for without cost and engage in the VIP governance program.

Characteristics of Loopex Token (XLP)

Minimum Commission Fees

The commerce fees for the cryptocurrency swap on the Loopex platform is not more than 0.1%. After paying the commission with the XLP token, customers get a 50% discount on the accomplishment of all business transactions. If the customer has 400 000 XLP and more on a Loopex account, he/she receives VIP status, which makes their trading without any commission.

Low return commissions

They have decreased the commission for disengagement of funds from the platform. Additionally, they are not immune from the transaction covering of networks for the disengagement of cryptocurrencies.


Loopex accounts funds are appropriated between the impetuous wallets. Hot Wallet holds 10% of all funds to offer customers with the potential to pull out immediately. Rest 90% is appropriated among a horde of brisk wallets that are cut off from the network in ostensible mode. They are constituted willingly by autonomous and casually located officials only in cases of need.

Loopex offers users the probability to absolutely control the devices and IP addresses out of which they approach their accounts. Moreover, security levels can be expanded by using numerous two-aspects attestation options.

Numerous options for order placement

The Loopex exchange platform is armed with various characteristics, providing users with the probability to place different types of orders. They offer their customers the fortuity to trade with fiat market orders and reduce the limit of orders and more formal stop orders, smart orders, and aisle stops.

Recharging of trading tools on the Loopex platform enables customers to make the trading process naturally, which results in minimizes risk and increases the chance of profit growth in the absenteeism of the resumption approach to the swap.

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