ls announces launching $PIXEL on Binance Launchpool

Pixels has announced that it will soon be launching $PIXEL on Binance Launchpool. While a date is yet to be announced, Pixels has clarified that the goal of listing the token is to enable stronger gameplay. Also, Pixels is working to phase out $BERRY, with in-game replacements in effect immediately. It has been replaced with an off-chain coin.

Listing $PIXEL on Binance would contribute to the efforts to make Web3 a better place for gamers. It further works to support a robust ecosystem and build a strong foundation.

Pixels has its sights on making the game economy sustainable and long-term. The idea is to build on the learnings of Web2 games and study what works in Web3 gaming. Introducing $PIXEL and phasing out $BERRY has been called a strategic move by Pixels.

Holders of $BERRY have less to worry about, for Pixels has already drafted a working plan for them. Holders of the token will be rewarded with $PIXEL in the same proportion. It would happen in two different ways, depending on the status of the token holder.

For instance, holders of $BERRY in-game will not have to do anything from their side. The replacement in the form of a reward will automatically happen. Meaning, they will automatically receive $PIXEL.

The same is not true for the holders of the token who are outside the gaming ecosystem. They will have to navigate their way to the dashboard and manually choose to exchange their token. According to the official announcement, the sooner they take action, the better rate they get. The current exchange rate stated is 1000 $BERRY for 7.6175 $PIXEL. A proportionate reward applies to the holders in-game.

Another purpose of pushing this initiative ahead is to reduce market selling pressure, also known as DEX, or decentralized exchange. It then addresses regulatory issues around money-transmitting permits, particularly in the UK and the United States.

Phasing out $BERRY is likely to work well. Pixels has stated that focusing their efforts on a single token will help them streamline the project’s economic model while also improving the player experience and overall efficiency.

$BERRY has often been looked at from a negative perspective. It has carried a daily inflation rate of 2%, and now there is a dire need to bring that under control. It is only with a sustainable ecosystem that Pixels can build a stronger future.


Moving forward, the introduction of Chapter 2 will enable increasing the safeguard around $PIXEL and encouraging players to collaborate and complete tasks to earn tokens.

The current development is being built on the success that Pixels had in the previous year, 2023. It became one of the largest games in the Web3 sphere, with a DAU of more than 180k. The growth has been credited to the community and migration to the Ronin blockchain. That elevated the growth of Pixels as the game was introduced to a larger set of audiences in Ronin’s ecosystem.

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