LTC & BNB under pressure as InQubeta steals the spotlight

It shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point that the crypto market is a constantly changing landscape with tokens vying for attention and dominance. This is true for Litecoin, BNB, and InQubeta, the cryptocurrencies that are the focus of this article. In recent times, Litecoin and BNB, popular cryptocurrencies in the crypto scene, have come under pressure and traded downward. InQubeta, on the other hand, has been the talk of the town due to its presale success and growing popularity.

In this article, the reasons behind the shift in focus to InQubeta will be explored, as well as its innovative idea.

InQubeta (QUBE): The AI token steals the spotlight

InQubeta has emerged as a rising star, stealing the spotlight to become a favorite among many. Following the latest trend in the crypto space, InQubeta harnesses AI and the power of blockchain technology to provide what will likely be the year’s greatest innovation: a cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform for AI startups. 

InQubeta will be the world’s first platform where AI startups can raise funds for their projects. It also aims to be a marketplace for AI startups, where investments can be made in the next ground-breaking AI projects or products.

The mutually beneficial platform for startups and investors will allow AI entrepreneurs to mint investment opportunities and offer them as equity-based NFTs on the marketplace. Investors will be able to purchase NFTs representing real-world investments in AI to own stakes in them and benefit from their growth.


Another factor putting InQubeta in the spotlight is its dedicated staking rewards pool. Tokens can be staked on the platform in exchange for rewards. This will serve as a means to generate passive income in addition to the significant return to be made from holding the token.

InQubeta has been experiencing immense success in the crypto market, with over $1.7 million raised as of press time. This is a testament to its growing influence, setting it up for more future success. According to industry experts, InQubeta is likely to increase by 100x.

The presale is in stage 2, with a token price of $0.0098. By solving a pain point in the AI sector, we are confident about InQubeta’s adoption and suggest checking out its utility token below.

Litecoin (LTC) is in a downtrend as it struggles with relevance

Litecoin is one of the earliest and most established cryptocurrencies in the crypto market. The low transaction fee of Litecoin and its fast block generation make it a popular choice and a key player in the crypto scene.

However, Litecoin has faced challenges and struggled to maintain relevance in the ever-evolving crypto market. With the inability of Litecoin to match other competitors in terms of innovation, it has come under intense pressure. Additionally, its token shows weak bullish indicators, making Litecoin less appealing to investors.

Uncertainty around BNB increases amid regulatory scrutiny and concerns

BNB is the native utility token of the Binance exchange, the largest of its kind in the world. After the launch of BNB in 2017, it has grown to become a top coin with strong utility and a vibrant community.

However, in recent times, BNB has faced regulatory scrutiny. A notable one is an allegation from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about it being an illegally traded security. This has led to uncertainty around BNB and negatively impacted its price. As a result, investors are now shifting to more promising alternative investments.


The crypto market is dynamic. This has resulted in Litecoin and BNB trading in a downtrend after coming under pressure due to the challenges they are facing. Amid this, InQubeta has risen to the spotlight, putting it ahead of Litecoin and BNB. InQubeta has captured significant attention, and you can check it out via the link below.

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