Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, BSV hash rate rising, DigiToads attracts tremendous demand

A rise in hash rate, which is the computational power dedicated to mining and validating transactions on the network, is a positive indicator as it represents the increasing security and health of blockchains. Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV have been experiencing a rise in their hash rates, although they have been trading differently. Meanwhile, DigiToads continues to attract tremendous demand within the crypto community.

DigiToads (TOADS) gains traction within the crypto community

DigiToads enormous demand in the crypto landscape is evident in its raising over $5.95 million in presales. Additionally, over 350 million TOADS tokens have been sold, further proving its immense demand and popularity within the crypto scene. Furthermore, as a utility and meme coin, DigiToads continues to bask in tremendous demand.

DigiToads is poised to witness exponential growth as a meme coin, which has contributed to its traction. Additionally, its utility, which cuts across NFT and P2E, will allow members to mint its limited NFT collection, play its thrilling Web3 game, and earn while playing its exciting game. Its utility coin will be used for in-game purchases and the minting of NFT.

DigiToads is a high-growth token as it offers investors other income streams besides the increasing value that comes with holding its digital assets. By staking its NFT and tokens, holders will earn residual income. In addition, other perks that come with holding the token include governance, as holders have voting rights.

The token presale is presently in stage 9, with a token coming at a cost of only $0.047. Poised to soar by as much as 50x after launch, you can participate in the presale by following the link below.


Litecoin’s (LTC) hash rate skyrockets, as does momentum

Litecoin was created to be the lite version of Bitcoin. A rise in its hash rate, a computational power dedicated to mining and securing the blockchain, is a positive indicator of the security and health of its blockchain.

Litecoin has exhibited intense bullish momentum this year, which has seen it soar in anticipation of its halving. With Litecoin’s recent surge since the middle of June, it is poised for a stronger upswing.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hash rate and price soar

Bitcoin Cash emerged from a Bitcoin hard fork and is experiencing a surge in its hash rate. This means more computational power is allocated to mining and securing the blockchain.

Additionally, Bitcoin Cash experienced a rapid surge at the end of June after an underwhelming price movement for most of the year. The broader market upturn has been attributed to being the cause behind the recent surge in the price of Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) hash rate rises but experiences a decline

Bitcoin SV, another crypto that originated from a hard fork of Bitcoin, is also experiencing a rise in its hash rate. The rise in Bitcoin SV’s hash rate indicates an increase in the computational power being utilized to validate transactions on the network.

Besides the rise in Bitcoin SV’s hash rate, it has been in a downtrend for most of 2023, besides the recent uptick that happened in the middle of June. However, Bitcoin SV has been losing bullish momentum and will likely continue its bearish descent.

Final thoughts

While tokens like Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV are experiencing a rise in their hash rates, DigiToads is attracting huge demand within the crypto space. Its exceptional fundamentals, which are a combination of utility and significant growth potential, have put it in the spotlight. On the verge of exponential growth, we recommend participating in the presale by following the link below.

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