Luart Partners StarTerra for SolChicks IDO

There are a lot of things going on at StarTerra right now. With their awaited SolChicks IDO registration opening tomorrow, they want to keep everyone on edge and remain on the cutting edge of blockchain innovation. 

StarTerra is thrilled to announce that their IDO on their platform will be coming soon, following the recent news of their Luart relationship. Luart is a new and exciting idea for creating a gamified Play2Earn NFT platform on the Terra blockchain, one of the first of its type. Luart is keen to fill a vacuum in the Terra ecosystem by utilizing a stunning user interface and combining gamification components for both makers and gamers.

Luart is a beautiful and effective NFT marketplace, NFT Launchpad, NFT Gallery, and Auction platform that employs a grading system with avatars, randomized NFT Boxes, and staking to reward users in ways other than native tokens.

One will not only be a buyer but also a player, gaining NFTs, early launches, and other incentives by simply staking their native token $LUART!

Additionally, if one uses $UST on their platform, they can buy NFTs and NFT boxes, which contain exclusive NFTs chosen by the Luart team. Luart intends to bridge NFTs across several chains once they have established a presence in the Terra Ecosystem, offering investors access to collections throughout crypto.

In terms of gamification, Luart will employ LUA Power to assign scores to users based on their participation in various events and actions on the platform. Now, it might include things like purchasing Luart NFT Boxes, attending exclusive events, trading, possessing Luart Avatars, and holding NFTs, along with more. Luart will develop tiered Minting, accessibility to exclusive events, and other undisclosed features using the score system and a leaderboard.

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