Launched Using ChainLink VRF finally gets launched using the ChainLink VRF, creating NFT collectibles generated randomly during the purchase period. The product is also a mix of 100% art and metadata stored inside the Ethereum Blockchain.

The product carries a 10,000 limited supply, featuring color combinations and rare attributes. Users can also add some unique Luchador on their NFT collection to get a rare 24×24 SVG image scaling to different sizes.

Since the introduction of NFT, people can combine tech and art with building global communities allowing participants to share and trade art. However, the recent hype led to the surge in projects that mainly rely on the pre-generated art under its metadata stored, which will go offline.

What makes different from others is the actual NFT art stored on the Blockchain, and its attributes are in a random manner using the ChainLink VRF. This VRF is a secured and verified number generator built exclusively for smart contracts.

Before the ChainLink VRF, there was no method to generate random numbers on the Ethereum Blockchain. Users can now be assured that the integrity of every Luchador is not at stake, thanks to the new product ChainLink VRF.

About ChainLink VRF

ChainLink VRF is designed to enable smart contracts and access randomness on-chain. The developers have ensured that there is no compromising on security and transparency. Technically, ChainLink VRF with the combination of block data is unknown when the VRF request is initiated using the pre-committed private key for generating both number and crypto proof. This smart contract will accept input of random numbers in case of valid proof of cryptography.


Users will need to pay fees for generating a random number using ChainLink VRF. This is why the company tied up with the ETH price of Luchador NFT, which is direct to the value of the LINK fee. To trade Luchador NFT, the company has tied up with OpenSea metadata standards and will look for minted Luchador.

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