Lucie faces backlash from SHIB postponing projects as Bitcoin-alternative wins back Dot-Com domain

In the latest Shiba Space event, Lucie, a prominent figure within the Shiba Inu community, has once again stirred controversy with her remarks. Despite being known for frequent postings and promotional activities, Lucie’s recent appearance has drawn criticism for what many perceive as a lack of substance and effective communication.

During the event, the Shiba Inu spokesperson predominantly focused on promoting Shiba Inu and selling various items, leading some participants to express frustration over what they deemed irrelevant content.

Among the few notable points she made, it was revealed that Shiba Inu’s timeline for project developments has been extended from 2023 to 2025. Additionally, there was an announcement of a change in the publication frequency of the Shiba Inu magazine, now set to be released twice a month instead of weekly.

Shibarium x $BONE Problems

However, amidst these updates, concerns were raised regarding the efficacy of Shibarium and the distribution of $BONE rewards. Critics highlighted discrepancies between transaction volumes and tangible outcomes, suggesting a potential discrepancy between promises and reality. Some even speculated about the possibility of a rug pull in the future.

When comparing $SHIB’s performance to other booming meme coins during the past month, the discrepancy becomes evident. While Shiba Inu struggled to keep its losses below -10% over the past 30 days, tokens like Golden Inu gained over 180% in value during that same time frame.

Mollars Wins Back it’s “.com” Domain

The promising crypto project designed to serve as Ethereum Blockchain’s store of value faced some backlash after its official website, “”, was unexpectedly taken down. 

As an enterprise already valued at millions of dollars, the community investing in $MOLLARS grew worried about the state of the project. However, the underlying truth behind this occurrence has shed light on issues related to the domain registry company NJAL.LA (Njalla) and its questionable business-making decisions.

According to the team, suspended the domain despite it having a valid contract with Mollars. However, three days later, the project was finally able to recover its official domain.

Njalla Has a History of Breaking Contract With Clients

Founded by the Piratebay creator “Peter Sunde” after he left jail, entered the market promoting its brand as a completely anonymous domain hosting provider. While anonymity can usually be seen as a plus, many critics claim that Njalla facilitates piracy and other types of illegal operations to run online.

According to Trustpilot, an overwhelming majority of users have serious complaints about the service provided by the company, with many also claiming to have had their domain lifted without previous warning.

This poses a significant issue for projects like Mollars, which, despite actively selling hundreds of thousands of tokens daily, only suffered a dent in their reputation without any wrongdoing.

Is Mollars A Safe Crypto Investment?

The best part about this episode is that it became evident how much of a secure project Mollars actually is.

So far, the presale amassed over half a million dollars in sales, and the funds are secured in a wallet that is impossible to access without a special key. Also, the funds are protected by a smart contract that also controls bridge payments to the wallet.

On top of that, the project recently went through a meticulous security audit conducted by third-party auditor “CyberScope” and was awarded a score of 95%. Putting a comparison to how strict CyberScope is, Bitcoin’s smart contract has a 90% security rating on that website. 

Why Would Takedown

According to their website, Njalla’s “privacy” makes the company function more like a lender than an actual hosting provider. Despite that, its “about us” page is adamant that the client has “full control over the domain name”.

The company has not disclosed a reason for the unexpected takedown. However, looking at past posts from displeased clients, has apparently done similar things to hundreds of other people in the past.

This post on the well-known SEO forum “BHW” shares how a user lost $15,000 after having his domain taken from him unexpectedly by Furthermore, several Reddit posts are asking the community why the company suspended their contracts out of nowhere.

One could argue that a domain like “,” which facilitated the movement of millions of dollars within approximately 30 days and contributed to the brand’s prominent visibility on Google’s initial pages, could potentially command a substantial resale value in the unrestrained realms of the dark web.

Mollars Continues Its Presale Success

After the domain turmoil was surpassed, the project’s presale went right back on track. Over the past 48 hours, over 120,000 tokens were sold.

As of today, over 13% of the total $MOLLARS supply already belongs to the community of holders. As the presale continues, the project aims to have sold 40% of the 10 million token supply on the ICO date.

Users can buy the token on the page. After 1.3 million tokens sold, the presale currently offers $MOLLARS for $0,50.

The team expects to launch the token in May—with an expected launch-date value of $0,62.

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