Lucrative Opportunities in Crypto Market – BITmarkets Offers 100% Trading Bonus

BITmarkets has announced that it will offer its customers a 100 percent trading bonus. It has said that the promotional strategy is part of its commitment to enhancing the trading experience on the platform. The core objectives of rolling out a 100% trading bonus are to foster crypto engagement and bolster the growing community. Alternatively, BITmarkets aims to attract new traders and investors with the said bonus.

It will continue through February 2024, and users must register on the platform to receive the incentive. It is also mandatory to use BTMT100 as a promo code to be eligible for the trading bonus. Most importantly, it applies only to the purchase of BTMT or BITmarkets tokens. These are the native tokens of the ecosystem, which come with a couple of benefits.

For instance, BTMT holders can access VIP customer support, which stays live 24/7. This means they can resolve their issues at any time of day or night. Next, holders of the native token can claim discounted crypto trading fees to increase their profitability. BITmarkets has said that the discounted trading fees can go as low as 0%

More benefits for BTMT holders include voting rights and the ability to participate in reward programs. To reiterate, customers must buy BTMT to be considered eligible for a 100% trading bonus. Existing customers can be a part of this promotion by connecting with the customer support team. They will be granted access to a trading bonus if they are found eligible for it.

A simple calculation explains how BITmarkets calculates trading bonus at 100%: Customers who buy $750 worth of BTMT tokens get $750 worth of trading bonus.

The trading bonus is credited to their margin wallet in the currency that has been used to buy the native token. Also, trading bonuses cannot be withdrawn. The profit associated with it, however, can be withdrawn by customers. The only drawback is that withdrawing profits cancels the bonus. Hence making the withdrawal of profits linked to trading bonuses a one-time event.

In the announcement, BITmarkets emphasized that it is looking to create an inclusive trading environment with a commitment to users that there will be no compromise with their experience in any manner.

The benefits listed by BITmarkets further highlight why traders and investors must look forward to investing in BTMT tokens. Needless to say, investment in BTMT tokens, or any other token for that matter, must be done only after conducting sufficient research and within the scope of risk management.

The idea is to enhance the profitability of traders by giving them something extra to invest in. BITmarkets has said that the promotional strategy is not merely a promotional offer. It is rather a gateway to a trading experience that is more profitable and more empowered. Some more active ICOs to look out for are Bitfinder and SubQuery. Bitfinder’s ICO is tentatively scheduled to start on May 21, 2024, while the date for SubQuery’s ICO is yet to be decided.

Trevor Holman

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