Lykan HyperSport Car from Fast & Furious 7 Up for Auction

If you happened to have watched Fast & Furious 7, then you must have gone amazed with the red color supercar driven in the movie. The model is Lykan HyperSport used by Vin Diesel and Paul Walker to jump from one building to another. Now, this luxury sports car is up for auction.

According to the sources, this is the last remaining stunt car up for sale. The car will be in the auction as part of NFT. It means the buyer will get ownership of the entire vehicle. The set auction price is $3.4 million, and it isn’t an easy price to buy at, even if you belong to the billionaire group.

A supercar with a super feature

The supercar was designed and built by a middle-eastern company for the Middle East. The car was designed with billionaires as the target audience. One of the unique features is its headlight houses real diamonds. In addition, the vehicle has a 2.7-liter flat-six pushing out 240 hp.

One exciting part is all Furious 7 stunt work wasn’t entirely computer graphics. If given a close look, there are bumps and bruises. According to the report from Motor1, there were 10 stunt cars in total made exclusive for the movie, but only the auctioned one is surviving.

Up for NFT Sale

The Lykan HyperSport car used as a stunt in the movie isn’t the only car for sale. The auction also includes NFT. According to the Rubix, higher bidder will also be receiving exclusive NFT video. The car is currently on public display at W Motors Gallery, Dubai. NFT are pretty similar to Bitcoin, and the market price for each coin differs accordingly. The bidding for this car officially starts on May 6th at Rubix for $100,000 as of the opening price.

Reason to invest in NFT

NFT of the car doesn’t involve gas, wash, or finding any replacement parts. The NFT doesn’t rot, but also, you will never drive. Unlike most of the NFT deals, this upcoming auction will offer buyers both NFT and the actual car.

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