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Macy’s introduces mstylelab, a new digital fashion platform

Macy’s introduces mstylelab, a new digital fashion platform

Macy’s has introduced a new platform, mstylelab, which will not only be highly interactive but will also see the merging of the real and virtual realms and transform the fashion industry itself. This platform will combine technology and all-encompassing exposure. The team at Macy’s believes that the fashion industry will receive an entirely new perspective.

Additionally, mstylelab will be accessible on any device and browser. Macy’s is reaching out to the masses to invite them to join the community, establish their own usernames, and obtain personalized digital products. Journee, a metaverse technology platform, has been used to produce an all-inclusive fashion exposure for the initial launch.

According to the Vice President of Interactive Marketing, Dave Torres, the delivery of mstylelab will indeed turn out to be an absolute game changer in the fashion space. The upcoming days will witness further additions being made so as to keep the curiosity and excitement level of shoppers at a peak.

Launching with an in-depth look at Macy’s newest brand, On 34th, in a surrealist version of New York City that could only be made possible by cutting-edge technology, mstylelab is now open to the public. Journee, a master player in hosting, controlling, and producing all-inclusive digital arenas, will help in roping in the masses.

In the words of the Head of Americas at Journee, Erika Lang, this association with Macy’s will be a landmark for the entire fashion industry. The entire concept of combining technology with conventional fashion will soon become the future of fashion that the world is waiting for with bated breath. For shoppers, fashion will now be much more accessible. On 34th, it will change the way women presently view fashion.

The doors are now open for fashion enthusiasts, who, after registering, will be able to construct digital fabric that serves as their community’s identification. Then, they will experience the sensation of inclusivity. They shall have access to the On 34th collection. As the user progresses, he will receive a digital T-shirt that is in harmony with the created digital fabric. The next phase will be exposure to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the metaverse.

Macy’s is the biggest retail brand under the Macy’s Inc. umbrella. It caters to every generation of shoppers. Macy’s is known to have the most prominent e-commerce platform, boosted by, along with a mobile application. Added to that is a network of stores throughout the country. It provides apparel, home, beauty, accessories, and more to shoppers of all ages.

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