Mad Lads working to bring Solana back on track

It has been a while now since the Solana NFT ecosystem was up against certain obstacles. This compelled the deGods, as well as y00ts collections, to shift away from the blockchain. So was the case with the prime Solana marketplace, Magic Eden, which was having difficulty in satisfying both creators, as well as collectors. Even the die-hard followers of the blockchain seemed to have been in a dilemma. 

A similar occurrence had taken place in the case of the ETH, where all it took was a sole NFT project to bring about a revival. Now, this is happening with Solana in the form of a fresh, innovative collection going by the name of Mad Lads and which will be instrumental in bringing Solana back on track. 

At first glance, Mad Lads is just another PFP collection and has 10,000 NFTs. The minting price for every NFT in the collection is 6.9 SOL. The collection comes with various humanoid PFPS having separate styles of dressing, as well as weapons, accessories, and much more. There is also the inclusion of unique biological features representing celestial, as well as robotic and undead personas. 

The Solana architecture development company, Coral, was responsible for the building of the project. The prime players here were Armani Ferrante and Tristan Yver. The dropping of Mad Lads was through Backpack, which is an all-inclusive wallet application, once again built by Coral. This was also Backpack’s way of re-entering Solana. Backpack has been created around executable NFTS (xNFTs). These are non-fungible tokens coming with executable programming scripts. In other words, they are platforms for operable Web3 applications. Backpack also controls the private keys, as well as creates a link with apps. With the help of the wallet, holders are able to gain connectivity with token-gated content. 

The developers of Backpack managed to build two individualistic minting portals, one for humans and the other for bots. General users were encouraged to utilize the minting page, whereas those reverse engineering the code was directed towards a honeypot. This was an intended distraction that helped in fooling the threats and compelling them to spend their mint price on an artificial mint, from which they obtained nothing. 

However, this artificial contract managed to accrue almost $250,000 worth of SOL. All of this helped in increasing secondary sales. In less than a day’s time, an amount of more than $8 million was generated. This made even the Co-Founders of Solana, Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal, become collectors. Presently, the collection has become a great advantage for Backpack, as well as xNFTs and the Solana network that it was created on.  

Trevor Holman

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