Magic Eden introduces a fresh platform for Bitcoin

Magic Eden introduced a fresh platform, Runes Platform, in beta, which allows users to swap for BTC and purchase Runes and Ordinals via their Magic Eden wallets. Additionally, It will come with a Swaps View, enabling users to keep a required BTC amount for spending while purchasing Runes. 

Magic Eden had intended to deliver the item on the 23rd of April, but the Magic Eden Runes Platform was finished before the due date. As per the Co-Founder and COO of Magic Eden, Zedd Yin, their priority was to create the highest quality Runes’ exposure, moving towards Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Ordinals act as NFTs about the Bitcoin network. Within this, metadata-type images and text are minted on the tiniest segments of BTC, known as santoshis. Bitcoin Runes are a transformation of Ordinals and paves the way for a better method of developing fungible tokens on the network. 

Runes may be able to provide a safe and dependable platform for token development and transactions. The utilization of the UXTO for on-chai data storage inculcates the safety module of Bitcoin for more power-packed security functions and a lesser risk of safety gaps. Unspent Transaction Output (UXTO) is when an extra output of a single Bitcoin transaction is utilized as the input for obtaining a fresh one. 

Magic Eden has backed Bitcoin Ordinals via a Bitcoin NFT marketplace since early 2023. The Magic Eden wallet backs Ethereum, Polygon, Bitcoin, and Solana. 

Magic Eden came with $23.42 million in terms of the day-to-day volume of Bitcoin Ordinals on NFT marketplaces.

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