MakerDAO to split up into MetaDAOs

As in the present moment, the all-important question in the minds of all concerned is concerned with MakerDAO. The fact that there is every chance of it being actually on the verge of a major split up.

In this case, MakerDao, on the whole, will be split up into several distinct segments and will go by the name of MetaDAOs. MakerDAO, the top-of-the-line, DeFi protocol, could be starting to fragment into distinct segments, a factor currently being aggressively voted upon. This very voting activity is localized in the collateralized debt platform.

However, as the situation presently stands, all concerned members are trying to find an amicable answer and solution for the outcome. However, they are fully aware of the enormity of the task. However, this is simply because of the sheer size of MakerDAO as an enterprise and the immense clout it carries.

The actual area of concern is that the possibility of a cooperative-based enterprise being able to increase its growth pattern while remaining on a blockchain effectively is very low. Besides, the basic values of DeFi are also, in certain ways, being compromised. The fact of the matter still stands that it is the co-founder of MakerDAO, Rune Christensen, who is the force trying to push this entire deal through.

Roxanne Williams

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