Malta to Host Second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference on October 23

The stage is all set in Malta for the second Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference-Malta. This mega event organized by Smile-Expo is scheduled to be held on October 23 and will bring together blockchain experts from 10 countries. This large-scale meeting of top industry pundits will become the 50th-anniversary event of the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference series.

The conference would focus on the use of blockchain in non-financial sectors relevant for Malta: travel, sailing, aviation, real property, healthcare, education, and logistics.

Why Malta?

Malta has become a leading innovator in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and DLT (distributed ledger technology) space. It occupies one of the top three positions in the list of the most crypto-friendly countries.

Malta has witnessed some very positive and encouraging ICO regulations, innovative bills for companies aspiring to establish their businesses in the blockchain island. Malta’s progressive stance on crypto and fintech has made it a much sought-after destination. It is also known for its efficiency in embracing Bitcoin forks.

Interestingly, as per a market research report Malta tops the list of countries with heaviest crypto trading volumes, followed by Belize and Seychelles.


The conference will be inaugurated by Karim Babay –investor, entrepreneur, and President of Intrinsic Value Investment Partners (IVIP). IVIP is a New York-based global investment management firm, and Babay has been investing in crypto for almost four years now. Babay will share his expertise on how venture investors evaluate Blockchain startups, their ICOs and the value of their tokens.

Guests will enjoy a unique opportunity to interact with 50 globally renowned crypto experts and industry professionals who will discuss and share their knowledge and experience on some of the trending topics of DLT. Some of the key topics include blockchain in education, AML policy, cryptocurrency trading. It will also investigate the innovative usages of DLT like DLT integration into transportation, gaming industry, real estate sector, the healthcare sphere, and AI.

 Panel Discussions:

The conference will include five panel discussions:

Blockchain and IoT: The speakers will clarify the connection between DLT and IoT. They will highlight the positive effects of integration and cooperation between these two spheres and thereby, look at the future potential.

The World Getting Tokenized: Experts will discuss how the world is accepting and reacting to DLT. How businesses are formed, how companies turn to decentralization owing to the shift in their business models, will be talked about along with new business possibilities.

Tales and Adventures of Blockchain Hacking: Crypto advisors will share case studies and give an insight into the typical pitfalls in cryptocurrency projects. They will also examine the reasons why DLT is attractive for hackers, the different kinds of threats, etc.

ICOs: Opportunity or Threat? Regulation of the DLT and ICO Business: Talking about ICOs, crypto specialists will discuss how initial coin offerings are treated in Malta and present information about three latest bills issued in the country.

Legal and Regulatory Challenges in Blockchain: As for regulations, speakers will examine Blockchain and GDPR compliance, compare crypto taxation in Malta, Switzerland and the United States, and elaborate on the potential regulatory future.

Demozone and Pitch Sessions:

In addition, the event will feature the traditional demo zone which will be an open platform for crypto organizations to showcase their latest ideas and innovations related to blockchain technology.

The pitch sessions will be an ideal abode for startups to attract investments, to diversify their business interests, to expand their network by interacting with prospective business partners and thereby usher business collaborations.

Celebrate Our 50th Crypto Event with Us!

To mark the occasion of our 50th Crypto Event, we are offering a special discount on the conference’s tickets!

So, come and join us in our moment of joy and pride!

Smile-Expo, the organizer of the event, offers a 280 EUR discount for event’s tickets.

Price for one ticket on 15 – 22 October: 119 EUR.

Price for one ticket on 23 October: 399 EUR.

Looking for more information about the event? Then visit the official website of the conference:

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