Manta introduces New Paradigm for a higher yield

Manta Network has launched Manta New Paradigm. It enables users to earn higher yields than Multisig. They are empowered to earn rewards along with lucky Boxes. Interestingly, Manta brings a social element with this launch. This includes inviting friends, teaming up with members, and engaging in the ecosystem. All that is on top of seamlessly depositing ETH and USDC, a stablecoin.

At the time of the original announcement, Manta Network had a TVL locked at $30 million with over a hundred projects deployed. With Manta New Paradigm in the picture, users will have enough liquidity to engage with all the projects on the network. Withdrawals are locked for 69 days after the initial Paradigm campaign; however, the token’s utility spans the entire native ecosystem.

There are two aspects where Blast and Manta New Paradigm share mutual interests. These are base yield and double yield.

Manta New Paradigm offers a 4-5% base yield, and so does Blast. Airdrop incentives under double yield are majorly on Manta New Paradigm. It rolls out 3% MANTA total supply base rewards plus 2% special rewards. Details for Blast are unavailable. Triple yield, quadra yield, and penta yield are where Manta New Paradigm gains an edge.

Additional yield is via DeFi composability with projects from different sectors – GameFi, DeFi, and SocialFi. StakeStone and Mountain Protocol facilitate the incentive process. The former provides ETH incentives via staking, while the latter offers yield to stablecoins via US Treasury Bills.

That said, ETH’s trading price has increased from $2,200 and can be seen exchanging hands at $2,277.45, with a slight decline of 0.08% in the last 24 hours. The value holds relevance as it is up by 14.67% in the previous 30 days. Market Cap and 24-hour trading volume are down by 0.15% and up by 8.26%, respectively.

Simply put, the development entails ETH and USDC but has not left a remarkable mark on Ether’s trading value till now.

Circling back to Manta New Paradigm, users can earn a Lucky Box only after they have acquired 25 box pieces. They can be earned through bridge tokens, inviting friends, and achieving team goals with them. Lucky Boxes can be used for NFT generation, referral benefits, airdrops, NFT set completion, and trading on the NFT marketplace.


The launch of Manta New Paradigm has been divided into three phases. The first phase invites deposits that can be made as late as the beginning of January 2024. Users only have to stake ETH or the stablecoin to earn yield and Box Pieces. The second phase offers STONE and wUSDM. These will be credited within 24 hours to farm with the native ecosystem. Finally, the third phase will be executed with the withdrawal of ETH and USDC. The period starts from the point when MANTA token rewards are distributed.

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