Manta x GaFin: Privacy & immersive gaming

Manta Network and GaFin have joined hands, enabling Manta Network to integrate with GaFin. This gives Manta access to the UID system of GaFin, boosting privacy and immersive gameplay. All a user has to do is log in to GaFin with their Mantra ID. Anyone who does not have a Manta Wallet can download the same from the official website.

The news was first shared with the community by Manta Network. The project is backed by Binance Labs and Polychain, among others. GaFin is a game publisher in the Web3 sphere. Also, it is the first one to apply artificial intelligence and zk-Rollup for players.

The development for GaFin follows an announcement wherein it shared that the platform V2 was live effective July 18, 2023. The new platform comes loaded with an exciting set of features like a quest system, GaFin UID, upgraded tournament, and game hub. It has also opened the doors to mint GaFin ID NFT for full access.

There are reportedly more new features that the community can look forward to. This is relevant because it highlights the innovative approach of GaFin in the Web3 gaming segment. Calling this event an unforgettable milestone, GaFin said that they were excited to revamp the way in which users engage with gaming in Web3.

Moving forward, GaFin will launch Tournament in July, followed by Gamification and Game Hub by the end of the third quarter of 2023 and July, respectively.

Tournament by GaFin will allow users to create their own tournaments and make donations toward a particular tournament. Gamification will bring lucky wheel and ticket shop into the ecosystem. Game Hub, as the name suggests, will have a list of more than 300 games in a single place. All of them will be available for players to engage with.

One of the features that the community is probably looking forward to is Streaming. It will give users the power to stream within the community or stream a tournament. What made the announcement interesting was the giveaway factor of $100 to 5 users.

GaFin is actively working to engage with the community. It recently announced that it has partnered with Thetan Arena to present a tournament with exciting gameplay and a huge prize pool for the eligible participants of the tournament. Also, those who participate by way of the vote would qualify to receive 300 BUSD. An official announcement for the same is tentatively scheduled for July 24, 2023. Only those who have minted GaFin ID NFT can register for the event.

GaFin and Manta Wallet coming together is a great step. It has been well-received by the community. Most of them have hinted that GaFin will indeed become the future of Web3 gaming. Others have expressed their excitement for Manta Wallet.

Meanwhile, members of GaFin can apply to become ambassadors of the platform. This will make them eligible for privileges and advancement opportunities in their respective careers.

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