MapleStory Universe announces a partnership with Chainlink

Chainlink has been at the forefront of all the major developments. The one with MapleStory Universe barely comes as a surprise. Nevertheless, MapleStory Universe has announced that it has partnered with Chainlink, enabling the venture to become a blockchain infrastructure provider for the games existing in the virtual world. Specifically speaking, Chainlink Verifiable Random Function has been integrated for MapleStory to leverage the power of provably fair game experiences.

MapleStory Universe is the blockchain gaming ecosystem by Nexon, centered around NFTs – non-fungible tokens. Chainlink VRF, following the partnership, is tasked with powering the north star of MapleStory Universe, which is the Reward Experience. It has also been referred to as RX. It has been introduced to the community as RX 2.0 with the ability to leverage the potential of blockchain technology. It will craft a unique experience for the community through the open ecosystem, digital scarcity, and community contributions.

This constitutes the first such move by Nexon. A total of four experiences are confirmed to be a part of MapleStory Universe.

MapleStory N, is a game that pioneers the said experience with fixed-quantity item supplies via cutting-edge NFT integrations. MapleStory N Mobile is simply the mobile version with compatibility for character interoperability and item interoperability. Having said that, it is important to note that MapleStory N is the PC version of the segment.

MapleStory N Worlds empowers creators to have their own world after they have concluded the construction. It could include having a new quest and/or a new game mode via map design, item, and character. MapleStory N SDK comes as a development toolkit that will facilitate the customization of experiences like a change in MapleStory themed mobile applications. It has been specifically built for developers, allowing them to expand the universe.

MapleStory Universe is based on the grounds that NFT items are bound to get depleted. Meaning, they will cease to exist after the original supply has met the due demand. Items will be supplied in predetermined quantities to make way for a reward experience that can only be categorized as the next generation. Chainlink VRF majorly draws its utility in the manner by which players win the items.

Chainlink VRF will help players to know if their experience was based on fairness. Also, if it was unbiased. The integration opens the door to testing those core elements with Chainlink VRF as a key component.

Moving forward, MapleStory has plans in the pipeline to enable creators to shape the landscape themselves. It will further include independent creators, overall helping MapleStory to ingrain fairness, interoperability, and transparency.

Sunyoung Hwang, the Production Director at MapleStory Universe Project, has highlighted that the project has been built to pioneer the evolution of virtual worlds. However, the implementation has been somewhat tricky and hence, Chainlink VRF entered into the picture as the best way to demonstrate their commitment to the mission.

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