MARBLEX announces its debut on Galxe

MARBLEX has announced that it is now live on Glaxe through the integration between APTOS and the MBX ecosystem. This marks the introduction of the third multichain network. MARBLEX is officially ending 2023 on a higher note. To celebrate this milestone, MARBLEX has said it will host interesting campaigns in the coming days, starting in January 2024.

The first campaign begins on December 29, 2023, and ends on January 12, 2024. It will be the opening season of the event to celebrate the expansion of the Aptos chain. It is important to note that the opening season will only be organized during the said time window. There will be no extension to the deadline or early access for any member.

Participants are ultimately tasked with accumulating as many points as possible to rank higher on the leaderboard. Depending on their rank, they will be rewarded with more points in the first season of the campaign. A total of 1,000 MBX have been allocated. These will be rewarded as follows:

  • First rank – 250 MBX
  • Second rank – 150 MBX
  • Third rank – 80 MBX
  • Fourth to sixth rank – 50 MBX
  • Seventh to tenth rank – 30 MBX
  • Ten random winners – 25 MBX

MARBLEX will then host a new campaign on the seventh day, Pioneer OAT. This will empower users to claim Pioneer OATs. The only condition is that they must have accumulated at least 30 points in the campaign. Only points earned during the campaign will be reflected on the leaderboard. MARBLEX will not acknowledge any points accumulated outside the campaign or time window.

Winners for the MARBLEX campaign will be announced at the earliest, and rewards will be distributed within a timeframe of 2 weeks from the day the campaign ends. Participants can be disqualified if MARBLEX finds them engaging in unauthorized activities.

Interested users can participate in the campaign by navigating to the MARBLEX space on Glaxe. They will then have to sign in via MetaMask or Discord account. Both are acceptable modes to sign in so that MARBLEX can verify the user’s identity during reward delivery. Other options may be available, but MARBLEX said MetaMask and Discord accounts are highly recommended.

Once signed in, click Welcome to MARBLEX to get started. Loyalty points can only be obtained by completing each campaign. Furthermore, participants will be eligible to claim Pioneer OATs if they meet the criteria.


Community members have expressed their excitement, saying they are waiting to play their favorite game. Moreover, since they will engage in their preferred activity, obtaining rewards ought to be a breeze. One can reasonably anticipate that the MARBLEX, in collaboration with the Galxe campaign, will be entertaining for the duration of its runtime, despite the difficulty in ascertaining the level of point accumulation.

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