Mark Zuckerberg reveals legs coming to virtual reality metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg sparked numerous discussions after revealing the release of feet for Meta’s virtual reality metaverse. The announcement was made at the 2022 annual Meta Connect developer event.

The feature was shared a year ago when Zuckerberg talked about the future of Meta (earlier Facebook.) The founder stated that relying on augmented and virtual reality will define the company’s future.

Several people criticized the idea because it was unrealistic and the 3D digital avatars lacked a lower body. Zuckerberg was even ridiculed for sharing a screenshot of the avatar back in August.

The FB founder quickly addressed the issue by promising a major graphic update to the avatars. The recent event delivered the promise after announcing legs coming to the platform. Zuckerberg talked about the presentation, expressing how the modifications would work.

As per Mark, Meta understands how much everyone has been anticipating this. However, depicting legs in 3D avatars is tough, and that’s why other VR systems do not possess them.

A big reason behind the metaverse’s success is people’s perception of it. Adding a new element to an already unique idea can be Meta’s best chance to gain a lead over the competition.

While adding legs in VR is possible, executing them to look realistic is highly challenging. That is why it is crucial for Meta to attract users and maintain them enticed with new features.

Seeing how even the latest Quest Pro headsets do not possess legs is concerning. According to the company, it is bringing legs to Horizon Worlds first. The social environment will act as the testing ground, shaping Meta’s decision to roll out the feature for other products.

All eyes are fixed on the social media platform and Mark. The company’s massive investment of 10 billion dollars per year in the metaverse is a primary reason behind that.

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