Market sentiment and Ethereum’s price: Bulls vs. Bears

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin made a noticeable move on Monday, August 21. He transferred 600 ETH, which is worth about $1 million, to a Coinbase exchange wallet. This wallet belongs to his Ethereum Name Service pseudonym, Vitalik.ETH. Currently, the wallet holds 3,935 ETH, valued at around $6.57 million. 

Such actions by big crypto investors often suggest they might want to convert to regular money or switch to different cryptocurrencies. Analysts are examining past instances of Vitalik’s similar moves to predict future Ethereum (ETH) speculations in the upcoming days.

Ethereum Price Declined 13% after Vitalik Sold In April

The Ethereum price faced a 13% drop in April, triggered by significant sales from influential figures like Vitalik Buterin. Historical data from Arkham Intelligence reveals that shortly after Vitalik moved a substantial amount of ETH on April 19, Ethereum’s value began to waver, falling 13% from $2,102 to $1,840 by April 25. 

Ethereum Price Outlook

Despite Vitalik’s transaction, Ethereum’s demand appears consistent, as the “Buy/Ask” side greatly surpasses the “Sell/Bid” side by around 132,700 ETH orders. The future of Ethereum looks volatile; however, a gradual recovery towards $1,800 is predicted for ETH, supported by the In/Out of Money Around Price data, which suggests a positive trend. 

On the other hand, if Vitalik’s outflows continue, bears might drive the price below $1,600. If the strong support around that level fails, a slide to $1,500 is possible.

Crypto Traders Yet to React to Vitalik’s Outflow

12 hours after Vitalik’s $1 million transaction, Ethereum’s price remains stable, with traders showing no significant immediate reactions. The latest data from IntoTheBlock indicates that the bulls are in control, with 277,690 ETH buy orders, outweighing the bears’ 145,000 ETH sell orders. This is evident in the Exchange On-chain Market Depth chart.

Vitalik Buterin Granted Taiwan Residency Permit

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin has obtained a residency permit in Taiwan, allowing him to reside and work there for three years. The Taiwanese digital minister confirmed that Buterin had been granted the Taiwan Employment Gold Card, a program designed to attract foreign professionals and entrepreneurs with streamlined residency and visa processes. 

Buterin expressed his fondness for Taiwan’s Ethereum community and his excitement for the gold card’s convenience. Taiwan has been working to regulate the crypto industry, with its financial regulator becoming a central overseer. Companies like Binance, Matrixport, and Woo Network called for clearer crypto regulations to avoid confusion.

Valour Launches Staked Ethereum ETP on Xetra

Valour has introduced the 1Valour Ethereum Physical Staking ETP (1VET GY) on Deutsche Börse Xetra. As the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum’s ecosystem empowers developers to create transparent, decentralized applications. This ETP offers institutional investors simplified entry to Ethereum’s ether token without the complexities of managing private keys or crypto wallets. 

The ‘physical’ replication secures each ETP share with an equivalent Ether investment, stored using Copper’s institutional-grade custody solution. Moreover, the ETP gains passive returns through ‘staking,’ where held coins verify blockchain transactions. Staked assets remain secure, and the ETP boasts a 1.49% expense ratio, providing an accessible and regulated way for investors to engage with Ethereum.

5 Possible ETH Price Reaction Scenarios

Let’s discuss the potential reactions of the Ethereum (ETH) price after these developments:

Positive Reaction & Gradual Recovery

Indeed, cryptocurrency prediction is tough, but based on the current data and market sentiment, a positive reaction could result in a gradual recovery of Ethereum’s price. The dominance of buy orders over sell orders, as indicated by the Exchange On-chain Market Depth chart, suggests that demand for Ethereum remains strong. It could lead to a slow but steady climb in price toward the $1,800 level. 

Resistance and Consolidation

If Ethereum’s price starts moving upwards, it might encounter resistance around the 2.54 million ETH bought at the highest price of $1,720. It could result in a period of consolidation, where the price hovers around this resistance level as traders and investors assess the market’s strength. During this phase, the price might not make significant gains or losses but rather trade within a relatively narrow range.

Bearish Reaction & Increased Outflows

If Vitalik Buterin continues to make substantial outflows from his addresses, the market can react negatively. If this happens, the bears might take control, and the price could slide below the $1,600 mark. A series of large outflows could lead to increased selling pressure, causing the price to drop further. The support from addresses bought at an average price of $1,620 might slow the decline, but if this support level breaks, a drop to $1,500 becomes possible.

Market Caution and Volatility

In response to these updates, the market might adopt a cautious stance. Traders and investors could become more hesitant due to the uncertainty caused by Vitalik’s transactions and their potential impact. This caution could lead to increased price volatility, with sudden fluctuations in both directions as participants weigh the pros and cons of the situation.


Ethereum’s recent price drop of 13% in April has raised concerns about its future trajectory. Historical data highlights the correlation between Vitalik’s significant ETH movement and the subsequent price waver. Technical analysis indicates a complex scenario; while demand remains strong, a potential recovery towards $1,800 is anticipated, supported by positive trends. However, ongoing outflows from Vitalik’s addresses could drive prices lower, possibly below $1,600.

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