5 Best NFT Marketing Agencies for 2023

What is NFT Marketing?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are blockchain-based tokens, each representing a unique asset. NFT marketing has reached a market capitalization of over $12 billion as NFT marketing agencies customize proven strategies for particular companies or NFT projects with the help of specific tools. NFT marketing services allow brands to efficiently advertise their virtual and tangible assets to expand their network of investors and customers. The kind of hype that NFT marketing agencies produce sets the value of a particular NFT project. NFT marketing services are all about promoting NFT projects to the right target audience, capturing the attention of potential buyers, enthusiasts, and collectors who wish to own sophisticated NFT assets.

What is the Role of the Best NFT Marketing Agency?

Hiring NFT marketing agencies helps develop innovative marketing strategies customized for a particular NFT project with the help of effective NFT marketing strategies to promote an NFT project after considering the target audience, objectives, and spending limits. NFT marketing firms are aware of the advanced technology and can produce marketing materials that simply and clearly define NFT ideas. Professional NFT marketing services focus on non-fungible tokens and know how to identify the target audience to develop a successful NFT marketing campaign that appeals to them.

5 Best NFT Marketing Agencies for 2023

Here are a few details about the top 5 NFT marketing agencies:-

1. Crowdcreate: Community-Driven Excellence in NFT Marketing Services

Crowdcreate is a leading NFT marketing agency that has become a global pioneer in scaling and launching various NFT projects in Web3 and Blockchain using community management, Crypto influencer marketing, fundraising, PR growth strategies, and paid ads. Crowdcreate has helped launch the fastest-selling token sale in Asia and created social media content for leading NFT projects, including The Sandbox. It has raised $250 million and has partnered with multiple brands, including Kyber Network, Casper, Lenovo, NFL, Renault, Celo, and CoinTelegraph. The top-rated NFT marketing agency provides marketing technology, secrets, and strategies that most of us miss out on.

Crowdcreate: Community-Driven Excellence in NFT Marketing Services

  • Best for: Medium & Large Enterprises
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Popular services: Influencer marketing, PR marketing, e-commerce marketing, investor marketing, crowdfunding, crypto investor marketing, gaming marketing, blockchain marketing, video marketing, and investor marketing
  • Min campaign size and cost: $5,000
  • Key clients: Kyber Network, The Sandbox, Casper, Lenovo, NFL, Renault, Celo, and CoinTelegraph
  • Response time: Within 90 days
  • Support: Submit a Ticket, Live Chat

2. Lunar Strategy: Offer Data-Backed NFT Marketing Strategies

Lunar Strategy is one of the best NFT marketing agencies that helps various companies with multiple NFT projects for many Web3 and Blockchain industry leaders. It has more than 150 clients, providing them with efficient NFT marketing solutions. Established in 2019, Lunar Strategy rose to the forefront of the NFT marketing industry by developing critical partnerships with industry leaders, such as Rolling Stone, CoinTelegraph, NFT Evening, CoinMarketCap, and DappRadar. It offers SEO, social media management, Google ads, paid ad campaigns, content creation, influencer marketing, community management, and PR services to the ever-growing client base of over 1 million followers.

Lunar Strategy: Offer Data-Backed NFT Marketing Strategies

  • Best for: Small and Medium Businesses
  • Headquarters: Funchal, Portugal
  • Popular services: Influencer marketing, paid ads, public relations, social media, management, and community management
  • Min campaign size and cost: $5,000+
  • Key clients: Rolling Stone, CoinTelegraph, Crypto Banter, NFT Evening, CoinMarketCap, and DappRadar
  • Response time: Within 28 days
  • Support: Live chat, Submit a Ticket, Email support

3. Alioze: Top Choice for Artful Branding in the NFT World

Alioze has a team of expert consultants in Web3, digital marketing, and communication. It has partnered with some of the best client references, including Deol, British Council, Banana Moon, Louis Vuitton, Kenzo Kids, Open Sky International Bilingual School, and Louis Julian. Companies benefit from the NFT marketing agency’s know-how in developing impactful, innovative, and original content to boost the company’s visibility, achieve growth objectives, and enhance brand image.

Alioze: Top Choice for Artful Branding in the NFT World

  • Best for: Small and medium-sized businesses
  • Headquarters: Paris, France
  • Popular services: global communication and digital marketing, social media, e-commerce, community development, advertising, social and live commerce, SEO, NFT, content and video production,
  • Min campaign size and cost: $5,000+
  • Key clients: Louis Vuitton, Merck, Dior, British Council, APF Enterprises, SVR, Banana Moon, Louis Julian, Dunlop, Gameloft, Goodyear, Kenzo Kids, Straumann, and more
  • Response time: Instant
  • Support: Email support, Phone support, Submit a Ticket, Social Media Channels

4. AppDupe: Leading NFT Marketing Services

AppDupe is an excellent Web3 stimulant that engrosses innovative NFT marketing strategies across NFT, marketing, NFT gaming, Metaverse, AI development, crypto development, exchanges, DeFi, and many more. It has unleashed over 250 NFT projects and offers a robust NFT marketplace that ensures unhindered NFT trading. AppDupe NFT marketing agency provides long-term success for unique NFT collections and offers various services, including social media marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, PR marketing, and community marketing.

AppDupe: Leading NFT Marketing Services

  • Best for: Small, Medium, or Large
  • Headquarters: St. Francisco, California, United States
  • Popular services: NFT, marketing, NFT gaming, Metaverse marketing, AI development, crypto development, exchanges, and DeFi
  • Min campaign size and cost: $5,000
  • Key clients: Caravan, METRASH, Cab Center, Kdrop, Just Taxi, ULook, Jaws, ULA, Pick Me, and many more.
  • Response time: Varies.
  • Support: Live chat, Email, Phone Support, Submit a Ticket, Social Media Channels

5. INORU: Tailored NFT Marketing Solutions Provider

INORU is a top global NFT marketing agency that features highly customizable solutions, emphasizing three main elements – outright strategy execution, zealous analytical approach, and omnichannel operations. It stimulates diverse developments and marketing services, including crypto and NFT launchpads, marketplace, DeFi platforms, and exchanges. It has over 12 years of acquaintance with NFT and Blockchain technology, over 1 million users, and over 250 well-accomplished NFT projects. INORU has partnered with Avalanche, Ripple, Polygon, and Certik to provide the most sophisticated approach to carry out operations with multi-use cases.

INORU: Tailored NFT Marketing Solutions Provider

Best for: Small, Medium, and Large enterprises

  • Headquarters: Atlanta, United States
  • Popular services: NFT marketing services, crypto marketing services, discord brand marketing, NFT PR marketing, NFT digital marketing, NFT, collectible marketing, discord marketing, influencer marketing, crypto community management, and more
  • Min campaign size and cost: $5,000
  • Key clients: Anyswap, Quickswap, Minty, Waifu, Live NFT, Evai, and GSX Coin
  • Response time: Near instant
  • Support: Live chat, Phone Support, Email, Whatsapp, Skype

How to Select the Best Agency for NFT Marketing? 

Define Your NFT Marketing 

There are several business niches in the NFT world. Hence, defining NFT marketing and choosing agencies or marketing services that specialize in specific NFT projects is important. Be clear on individual marketing goals for an experienced agency to help increase the company’s online visibility and generate leads.

NFT Marketplace Strategy

Before choosing any marketplace or PR agency specializing in NFTs, choosing the right agency that creates marketing strategies tailored to a company’s specific project is important. An NFT marketplace strategy considers a company’s goals, budget, and target audience to develop a well-designed plan effective for NFT promotion. If any NFT is available on certain marketplaces, find out about the experience of the growth marketing agency to enhance the overall strategy.

Review Portfolio

Take ample time to review the portfolio of potential marketing agencies. This gives insight into their client successes, industry recognition, and creative capabilities to promote NFTs. Look for an NFT marketing agency that has worked on diverse NFT projects across different platforms.

Successful Case Studies

To provide the best NFT and content marketing services, a marketing agency requires a lot of expertise and experience in the field of NFTs. Look out for case studies that showcase their success and the potential of the agency’s marketing services in this niche.

Check Services

Choosing the right NFT agency can be a challenging task since there are thousands of agencies out there. Find out the kind of services that the agencies offer apart from just marketing services. Look out for their pricing structure and the duration of their operation in this industry.

Budget Considerations

NFT marketing can be costly depending on what the companies want to achieve. Consider the return on investment to determine the best NFT marketing agency. Compare the prices between other options and determine how successful each marketing agency is in promoting NFTs.

Evaluate Responsiveness

Apart from reviews, it is also important to check the responsiveness of a well-reputed agency with a proven track record for offering responsive and effective customer support. NFT Projects can benefit from the agency’s customer support and major media outlets.

Advantages Top NFT Marketing Agencies Offer

Expertise and Experience

For marketing NFT projects, companies require outstanding knowledge. Hiring an NFT marketing agency ensures that the companies can get tailored NFT marketing services developed by professionals with years of experience promoting NFTs services, including NFT-based gaming items, to create relevant strategies.

Targeted Audience Reach

The best NFT marketing agency offers diverse services through established networks within online NFT communities. They leverage their networks to help companies reach potential buyers and enhance the visibility of NFT collections.

Strategy Development

An essential element of NFT marketing solutions is to develop the right marketing strategy. An NFT agency understands how to create a design that meets the client’s budget, including public relations, influencer marketing, paid ads, social media marketing, community development and marketing, and NFT consulting.

Measurement and Analytics

Like blockchain specific marketing agencies, many NFT marketing agencies navigate the complex world of NFT with the help of analytics to make business that stands out in the market. The agencies also provide multiple tracks and reports that include outcomes of different campaigns and give insights on the best changes companies should introduce during NFT promotion.

Content Creation

NFT marketing agencies also help create content from scratch by working with companies to develop the artwork design, concept, and program of the smart contracts that govern the NFTs.

Influencer Collaborations

The NFT marketing agency helps identify the best influencers to work with in the NFT marketing space. Influencers with massive audiences teach and promote more about the NFT collection and assist NFT brands.

Global Reach

An NFT marketing firm helps companies develop a strong identity for their brand in the NFT space and helps achieve a global reach by establishing a recognizable and unique presence in the NFTs market.

Custom Solutions

A full-service marketing agency for NFTs uses contemporary marketing tactics. It follows the latest trends to allow brands to reach as many people as they require with customized digital solutions.

Type of NFT Marketing Agency

NFT Marketplace Marketing Agency

The right NFT marketing agency specializes in NFT marketplace marketing to understand the dynamics of various social media platforms in NFT and social media platforms and use their expertise to position an NFT project effectively within the marketplaces. Targeted advertising and marketing campaigns ensure the projects are visible to the right audience to frequent a particular NFT platform.

NFT Influencer Marketing Agency

NFT influencer marketing agencies use an innovative marketing strategy where social media and NFT influencers promote NFT collections to their followers and friends. To ensure successful NFT marketing campaigns work with well-known influencers across various social media channels.

NFT Digital Marketing Agency

An NFT digital marketing agency uses a multi-faceted marketing strategy, aiming to target, build relationships, and reach out to the right customers online across a wide range of platforms, ultimately motivating them to make purchases now and in the future. Digital marketing outcomes are dynamic, and the agencies employ different tactics, online tools, and strategies to help businesses attain their sales and marketing goals.

NFT Social Media Marketing Agency

Due to its dependability features, NFT social media marketing has become a popular networking frontrunner in helping NFT projects. Social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook produce huge venues for NFT creators to sell their digital assets and expand their brands rapidly. Successful social media buzz about NFT collections or brands generally snowballs into massive token sales.

NFT PR Marketing Agency

NFT PR marketing agencies have extensive experience in PR and NFT, ensuring that the NFT brands get the visibility they deserve. Compared to traditional PR agencies, they deeply understand the NFT market and how the uniqueness and value of exceptional NFTs communicate to the public. PR marketing agencies create long-term partnerships and deepen the understanding of the NFT companies and marketing landscape.

NFT Gaming Marketing Agency

The NFT gaming marketing agency creates marketing campaigns before, during, and after a game is released, appealing to the wider gaming audience and reaching as many relevant gamers as possible. Gaming marketing agencies ensure that the hard work of the designers, software developers, animators, and audio technicians gets views and is played by the right audience.

Note that gamers spend tons of money on in-game items and accessories or NFTs that must be considerably more sophisticated, interactive, and innovative than digital cards. Companies can navigate the market with a reputable NFL marketing agency to grow their audience and engage them effectively.

NFT Project Marketing Agency

An NFT project marketing agency defines and maintains the different project management standards. The NFT marketing company retains the metrics and documentation for executing various NFT projects and ensures they are delivered within budget and on time.

NFT Artist Promotion Agency

NFT artist promotion agencies are similar to digital marketing agencies specializing in organic marketing campaigns, highlighting online artists, and connecting them with businesses or companies looking for their services. Digital marketing for NFT artists uses strategies to help promote artists on multiple digital platforms.

NFT Partnership and Collaboration Agency

An NFT partnership and collaboration agency mutually benefits business relationships between two or more companies. The partnerships are established when two different agencies provide complimentary NFT services. Although these specialize in different niches, they witness value in partnership and collaboration, creating a more extensive NFT client base.

NFT Event Marketing Agency

NFT event marketing is a new way of using non-fungible tokens to create event tickets, virtual tokens, and branded games that clients can exchange for tangible goods during live events.


There is a notable chain reaction linked with NFTs. NFT creators will make more sophisticated and complex tokens as the cryptocurrency subset gains traction. Likewise, software developers will expand NFT applications, proving that NFTs are more than just hype. Effective marketing strategies developed by NFT marketing agencies are required to stand highlighted in this fierce competition. From providing NFT owners with a roadmap to execute their outcome-oriented NFT marketing strategies to analyzing the effects of strategy, a reputable marketing agency promotes NFTs. It is pivotal in NFT and crypto market research for NFT enthusiasts.


What are the ways to promote my NFT for free?

To promote NFT for free, build a social media profile, create an attractive landing page, join discussions and podcasts, and get featured.

How much do agencies charge for NFT marketing?

There is no single pricing structure since most agencies charge money depending on the type of NFT project and service required by the top-tier media outlets.

How much cost do I expect to spend on an agency offering NFT marketing in India?

An NFT marketing agency in India costs between $1,000 to $20,000, depending on different factors and fees.

Are the services of Top NFT Marketing Companies worthwhile?

Yes, hiring the top NFT marketing agencies to promote your NFT is worthwhile since they study and develop marketing campaigns to appeal to the local market or audience.

Can NFT influencer marketing agencies help me sell my NFTs?

Yes, with the right NFT influencer marketing agencies and a bit of patience, you can successfully promote your product and reach your target audience efficiently.

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