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MarketPeak, an investment platform for fintech projects & tokenized assets, launched its own PEAK Token on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The team around MarketPeak has the know-how, the background and the experience to lead crypto projects to success. They have been successfully building companies from scratch for several years. They train customers to invest in crypto projects with high potential and are experts in the crypto market.

The core idea of the company is to connect large Fintech companies in the early stages, which lack marketing and capital, with a community of investors.

Standard investors usually do not have access to exclusive conditions and prices for projects & products. Here is MarketPeak, the interface and trades with the companies the best conditions, which are then made available on the platform with the members.

The mission of MarketPeak is to provide its community with the best that is possible in the field of fintech and tokenized assets.

The team has excellent blockchain skills and (leadership qualities). This is also one of the reasons why the company can record constant growth.

How it Work

Meanwhile, more than 9500 members take advantage of the Service that MarketPeak offers.  The defined goal is to build a strong community of 100,000 members who can benefit from great offers to invest in Fintech projects.With access to a global community and the innovative FinTech platform, it is possible to invest in the best terms.

The added value of the company is not only that investors and the community can participate in products and projects in the early stages of the sale, but MarketPeak also pays great attention to education.

Why does MarketPeak attach so much importance to education? Investments in crypto projects require a certain amount of know-how – MarketPeak sees an urgent need for action here, which is why it provides a lot of education for members. This is well received, which can also be deduced from the constantly growing number of members.

What does education mean at MarketPeak?

The range of education is broadly diversified, from highly qualified webinars, which take place regularly and several times a week, up to various training offers with different topics like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, marketing, sales and other which are of high value for the MarketPeak community.

Because as Benjamin Franklin used to say:

“An investment in knowledge still pays the best interest.”

And this is exactly the point where the training starts and everyone is picked up where he stands. There is the possibility for newcomers to crypto to completely immerse themselves in the subject matter and thus secure the best know-how, but also for experienced affiliates to this field, there is the possibility of optimal further training because of the different training courses that are available with different MarketPeak membership packages. Each membership package fits a different level of expertise.

PEAK Token – Get rewarded for becoming educated

On top of being educated, every Member gets rewarded with bonus PEAK token through a PEAK minting software, which is leased automatically whenever you buy a membership package.

The purpose of PEAK token: As a platform that connects the investor’s community with fintech projects and tokenized assets, the PEAK token has a key role. The PEAK token has a lot of features such as increasing rewards through MarketPeaks rewarding programs or giving voting power for new projects & products in the future with smart contracts. Furthermore, PEAK token could be used to pay fees or as a payment system within the defi platform in the future.

PEAK Distribution

PEAK Distribution

Everybody who buys a membership package will get a bonus PEAK token through the PEAK bonus minting program. This is a software you automatically lease when you buy a membership package. The first 12 months will give you some bonus PEAK token and from month 13 to 32, you will get your PEAK tokens minted with a rate of 5% every month. So over a period of 32 months, you will have full access to all your secured PEAK tokens as well as to your bonus PEAK token.

What have important steps been achieved since the launch in May 2019?

Starting with just an empty Membership Platform back in May 2019, Marketpeak has now nearly 10.000 active Members who are eager to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrency, to invest in promising Blockchain Projects and Tokenized Assets.  A big milestone that MarketPeak has achieved is the Launch of its own PEAK Token on the Ethereum Blockchain. Not only that.. PEAK has been listed since February 2020 on the 3 well-known exchanges Coinsbit, VinDAX, and P2PB2B. This listing is of great importance for the PEAK token as proof of real value. Additionally, PEAK is officially listed on the well-known crypto market tracking website coingecko. Next will be on coinmarketcap.

PEAK has been listed

Which visions does MarketPeak have for the future?

A declared and near goal of the company is to become a DeFi-platform, but for experts and investors, the new financial system which is becoming more and more revolutionary and trendsetting is the most important thing.

The decentralized financial system, in short DeFi, starts where Bitcoin, Blockchain and Co. have paved the way in the last years, free and for all accessible decentralized managed economic systems. MarketPeak aims to become a decentralized platform in the future, where core elements are truly regulated by smart contracts. Therefore, MarketPeak could become one of the top DeFi platforms for crypto projects & tokenized assets.

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