Martin Shkreli claims to co-create controversial DJT token

DJT, the Solana-themed token based on Donald Trump, has been in the news for a bit. The token is gaining precedence once again but because of some controversial claims.

Martin Shkreli, the problematic entrepreneur recently claimed to have co-created the DJT token. The news was shared by ZachXBT, the popular blockchain sleuth.

According to the official X post, Shkreli privately messaged ZachXBT claiming to have 1,000 pieces of evidence confirming his co-creation part in DJT with Barron Trump. Shortly after, Shkreli went on to X Spaces to share the same news.

The direct messages and announcements followed ZachXBT’s acceptance of Arkham’s 150,000-dollar bounty. The bounty was made to find the true creator behind the viral DJT token.

According to ZachXBT, there is an alleged link between Shkreli and the token related to blockchain transaction data. The blockchain investigator stated that one DJT wha;e sold off 832,000 dollars worth of the tokens for USDC stablecoin.

It is worth noting that the whale also held massive tokens from, one of Shkreli’s projects. Before the announcement on X Spaces, the entrepreneur had claimed that the DJT token was officially affiliated with the Trump campaign.

Shkreli went as far as to place a bet with an unknown crypto trader named GCR worth 100 million dollars that the token was genuine.

Earlier this week, DJT went up almost 300% and witnessed 472 million dollars in trading volume. An unofficial report from PirateWire also claims that Donald Trump is behind the token. Rumors suggesting the former US President launching DJT on Solana surfaced on the internet during the time. 


However, nothing has been officially confirmed yet, and the growing talk surrounding DJT is working in its favor. It remains to be seen as to who created the token.

Harsh Chauhan

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