BlockDAG presale hits over $21M! Step-by-step guide to buying BDAG coins with Ethereum and Trust Wallet

In the cryptocurrency market, BlockDAG has distinguished itself with its innovative DAG architecture, sophisticated algorithms, and advanced mining technology, amassing a remarkable $21 million in its presale and distributing 8 billion BDAG coins. 

BlockDAG is in the tenth phase of its presale, offering coins at $0.006 each. Known as the “Kaspa Killer,” BlockDAG has sparked significant interest in the crypto community following its latest moon-based keynote teaser and the success of its DAGPaper, leading analysts to foresee a potential 30,000x return on investment for BlockDAG. This article delves into investing in BlockDAG by acquiring BDAG coins. 

Steps to purchase BDAG coins

To begin purchasing BDAG coins, choose a wallet compatible with Wallet Connect, such as Trust Wallet for mobile users, or Meta Mask for desktop users. Register an account, complete the necessary verification steps, and ensure you set a strong password. Adding two-factor authentication is also recommended for enhanced security.

Visit the BlockDAG website and select the “Buy” option. You will need to connect your wallet to continue with the purchase.

Blockdag rises on the moon

Methods to buy BDAG coins using Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a secure crypto wallet and a gateway to numerous decentralized Web3 applications. To buy BDAG coins using Trust Wallet, navigate to the BlockDAG website. Once there, initiate the buying process by clicking the “Buy” button at the top right of the page.

Choose Trust Wallet from the list of supported wallets to connect it to the BlockDAG platform. Once connected, scan the QR Code shown and pick your desired payment option: ETH, BNB, or USDT. Finalize the transaction by entering the desired spending amount in the specified currency field.

Methods to buy BDAG coins using Trust Wallet

Examine all transaction information, including expenses and charges, and approve the transaction. Adhere to the instructions given by Trust Wallet, authenticate the transaction on your wallet, and monitor it on Blockchain Explorer using the transaction ID.

Purchasing BDAG coin through the Ethereum exchange

To acquire BDAG coins using Ethereum, navigate to the Ethereum section within the purchase interface. Enter the amount of Ethereum (ETH) you want to convert into BDAG coins and press “Buy Now.” A MetaMask window will appear for you to double-check the transaction particulars. Once you’ve confirmed all details, proceed to confirm the transaction. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a confirmation message. You can redeem your BDAG coins once the claiming feature is enabled.

Why BlockDAG is the optimal crypto coin for investment right now?

BlockDAG is at the forefront of blockchain technology, offering unmatched speed, scalability, and efficiency which has driven the project to secure an impressive $21 million in presale revenue. The brand has captured global attention with its exciting marketing approaches and technological breakthroughs, attracting many investors. With more than 8.2B BDAG coins already sold and a finite number available in the presale phase, the potential for a significant 30,000x ROI heightens the demand for these coins. With the ongoing presale and rising coin prices, now is an ideal time to invest.

roi beyond dreams - blockdag

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