Matic Network Collaborates With India Tech Giant, Infosys

Matic Network is now collaborating with Infosys, the Indian technological giant. Infosys will be the Dapp partner validator for Matic Network. The multinational IT company will be running a validator node worth $40bn on the Matic mainnet. The collaboration will ensure security and a strong platform for the growth of the Matic ecosystem.

This move is the beginning of the future collaborations of Matic Network and Infosys and other major enterprises with whom the company is currently expanding teamwork to start the collaborations in various different areas.

The collaboration aims to provide infrastructure for a strong blockchain ecosystem. After being part of Dapp partner validator, Infosys will make a contribution to building a strong infrastructure to uphold transactions made on Matic. This will make the network more secure for DApps that are presently waiting to onboard to thematic mainnet.

Ever since Infosys was established in 1981, it has been on the lead in India’s technological space. The company has proven itself to be an emerging global hub for software service providers. Infosys is now working to provide the secured, high-performance infrastructure that is required for the adoption of the global DApp ecosystem to the masses.

The COO and Co-founder of Matic Network stated,

Matic Network stated

Matic is a growing enterprise, amidst that the engagement efforts that were made a couple of months back are showing extremely encouraging results. With this new mainnet rollout in process, the firm will show remarkable progress. The collaboration of Matic with Infosys is just the beginning, and Matic is looking forward to this collaboration.

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