MatrixETF to Associate With Chainlink for Its ETF Products

MatrixETF is a decentralized ETF platform. It aims to deliver a decentralized, computerized, customized, and diversified portfolio to users, enabling them to enjoy long-term, stable, and efficient financial services. The DAO community drives MatrixETF. It is available on multiple public chain networks such as Solana. All the operations on the MatrixETF platform are carried out through blockchain, thus eliminating the chances of data fraud and centralized control. Most products on MatrixETF are backed by a set of encrypted assets that can be subscribed or minted at any time. These assets participate in the ecosystem based on existing DeFi protocols and generate Vault returns which are returned to ETF product holders as additional income. 

MatrixETF is integrating with Chainlink for price feeds on Solana. After the integration, MatrixETF can access price feeds that are tamper-proof and of high quality. These price feeds will help establish a stable, safe, and efficient decentralized ETF product. It will assure users that a decentralized, automated, personalized, and diversified portfolio can provide secure passive earning. Chainlink Price Feeds will provide MatrixETF the benefit of its decentralized oracle networks, helping to ensure that data source reflects global market prices aggregated from across CEXs and DEXs. Therefore, it will help to provide accurate on-chain prices to smart contracts when users mint or redeem ETFs. Chainlink price feeds have many advantages over other oracle solutions. They provide high-quality data, have secure oracle nodes, protect against tampering of data, robust reputation framework, and avoid attacks from flash loans. 

Chainlink is an oracle network, and it provides smart contracts to connect reliably to any external API. Chainlink currently offers its services to DeFi, insurance, gaming, and other major industries. It is known to be a reliable oracle solution as it provides stable and accurate token price data. It has a seamless infrastructure and is a time-tested solution.

David Cox

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