Matt Dickson Speaks About Blockchain Gambling Technology at Seoul Conference

The gambling industry is at the brim of subsiding with the blockchain industry and feels that it needs a number of different resources and solutions to be properly equipped to leverage its potential.

Bitboss is the creator of blockchain-based solutions for the gaming industry that involves high-grade monetary betting. They are a group of self-funded institutions that are run by owners/employees who are former entrepreneurs and technology experts.

The firm has recently been working on a new blockchain technology that is supposedly going to be a breakthrough in the industry. As the CEO and co-founder Matthew Dickson, of Bitboss, said at the CoinGeek Seoul conference recently, they’ve been onto something amazing. The bridge is the name of the hardware technology products by the company, thought and claimed to be a significant leap for slots as well as some other games that are there in casinos.

Blockchain gambling as the name suggests is perceivable as online gambling, but Bitboss doesn’t seem to neglect the requirements of brick and mortar entities of gambling.

The hardware product has a Bridge Wallet, Link, a Vault along with an ecosystem, Bridge technology is a full-fledged solution to enable players to play a slot, and let the machine update the casino’s back-end, while interacting with the player through their devices, with their remaining credit sum or other marketing entities that the casino wishes to keep under the radar.

Dickson right after his session said the following about the technology:

Bridge is a new hardware product we designed. It’s roughly $100 U.S. right now, so it’s very inexpensive. It runs Linux, we insert it into a slot machine, and it intercepts the communications going back and forth between the slot machine and the backend server that runs a casino. And using that, we can then rout cryptocurrency, whether it’s a token or actual cryptocurrency, whatever the casino would choose, on and off the slot machine. And it replaces the traditional tickets that you print out when you want to cash out of a slot machine.

He spoke that blockchain must not be viewed as an extravagant buzzword amongst the gambling endorsers, but rather, an antidote to certain biggest issues, with the use of a Bitcoin-based technology known as Secure Split Key.

The blockchain casinos are becoming huge in business with bitcoins as well as virtual currencies. Bitcoin casino MintDice is another casino that leads this internet transition, with all new undertakings, opportunities, along with the master node or staking revenue, unusual site features, as well as a line of casino bitcoin games to bet over.

Matt added,

I think the main idea we like to relay to people though, is that by moving those credits off of a piece of paper and onto the clients, or the customer’s cellphone, you now have a much better opportunity to market to your customer because they always have their cellphones. And there was a time when we said that a certain demographic wouldn’t have a cellphone, an older lady may not have a cellphone, but I think those days are gone.

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