Mavia chooses Base to scale its ecosystem

Heroes of Mavia, or simply Mavia, announced joining hands with Base to scale its ecosystem. Base will now assist Mavia in supporting the growing number of mobile players on its platform. Base has been chosen as the L1 solution for Mavia. The speed, security, and cost-effectiveness of the Layer 2 solution are three core reasons why they have partnered.

According to Mavia’s official announcement, other reasons for choosing Base are shared vision, speed and cost, infrastructure, and incubation by Coinbase.

For starters, Coinbase has a heavy market reputation as a market leader. It has backed Base to deliver results to the chain and instill confidence among those considering joining hands with them for Base or who have just entered into a partnership with Base.

The partnership splits their way as well. Mavia will enable the users of the Base and Coinbase ecosystems to explore every aspect of Mavia upon discovering the on-chain gaming world. Still, the backing of Coinbase remains a strong contender to put Base at the front.

Both share a vision of keeping the on-chain platform decentralized, open source, accessible, and user-friendly. Combining all the elements fuels the efforts to architect the next generation of on-chain applications. Base has been identified as a robust L2, which can help Mavia realize its goals in the long term. Base is also known to feature dependable fiat on-off ramps, decentralized exchanges, and opportunities to serve the ecosystem of Coinbase.

Most importantly, Base ensures safe and reliable onboarding for all the users of Mavia via its extensive infrastructure integrations. Finally, it comes to the speed and cost that Base brings to the table.

As for the speed, Mavia is confident that joining hands with Base will increase the transaction speed while bringing down the gas fees. Both are critical elements in the virtual gaming world, especially in their in-game Ruby marketplace. The gas cost is expected to be slashed with the implementation of EIP-4844. The estimated cut is 10–100 times.

Mavia community members have responded positively to the development. Most of them have said that they love this move, while others have joked that they are a Base builder game after all.

Base recently announced the launch of Base Hunt, informing the community that they could unlock limited-edition goods powered by Slice. All they have to do is complete the challenges and earn points to level up. The work for Base Hunt has been curated in association with Refraction.

Mavia announced the listing of $MAVIA on, enabling users to trade the token in the market. MAVIA is currently exchanging hands at $7.19, down by 2.64% in the last 24 hours. It further reflects a drop of 5.03% in the last 7 days and a surge of 150.90% in the last 30 days. All sights are set to see MAVIA surpass the milestone of $10 as it moves ahead with the integration of Base.

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