Maximum votes cast in favor of The Maker Constitution

There was an announcement made for the conducting of an open poll for The Maker Constitution. This happened to have been a proposal that was initiated by the CEO and Co-Founder of Maker, Rune Christensen.

It turned out that the maximum number of votes, to the tune of 76%, went in total favor of the proposal. Further base work is due for the entity Maker, which happens to be a DAI deliverer, after winning the majority votes. 

The voters happen to be encouraging the matter of a constitution for the platform of DAO, which in turn, happens to be a cooperative decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that takes care of the protocol. 

The Maker Constitution happens to be a strategic tool for providing all of the connected developers the opportunity to be able to create a great amount of fore-bearing power in terms of political as well as operational interactions and processes that are carried out in the Maker Governance. 

The constitution will bring about a valuable change for MakerDAO. This will be keeping in mind the Endgame Plan pertaining to the platform. This, in turn, happens to be a strategy that has been endorsed by Christensen. It provides direction related to various functions of platforms, in the case scenario of dependability, as well as decentralization and the risk factors. There also happens to be the issue of front-end governance, along with voter committees, delegates, and many others. 

In the case of Maker, this happens to be introducing a larger scale of detailing, as well as strategizing execution, with regards to the future control of the platform, along with identifying risk, as well as associations, the voter and governance framework, and asset control.  

The prime role of conservers is to be able to safeguard the Maker governance, with the assurance that it is carried out as per the procedures mentioned in the Maker Constitution. This should also make MKR holders capable of taking part in all matters of Maker governance. Constitutional conserves are required to be unknown while carrying out their functions of being a Constitutional Voter Committee member, as well as Constitutional Delegates. 

Voter committees happen to be providing opportunities for voting ideas, political association, as well as acceptance factors amongst various factions of voter communities. 

Further rules state the meaning of a Constitutional Voter Committee, which happens to be composed of constitutional conservers who manage to contribute over and above the necessity for platform governance. These committees happen to be the beneficiaries of added advantages, as well as further resources, along with the required backing. 

Some of the constitutional conservers work on smart contracts connected to the Protocol Delegation System, which makes them constitutional delegates. The delegates are required to stay away from the MakerDAO functional issues and are not supposed to distribute the resources at their disposal. They are further required to work in tandem with the upliftment of the initiatives of the DAO. 

As per the constitution, there is the deliverance of six subDAOs, consisting of two FacilitaorDAOs, as well as two ProtectorDAOs and two CreatorDAOs. In the case of every DAO, there is the need for a properly set up community. Project-based funding has been set up to provide special services for subDAOs and for Maker core and B2B services related to others in the ecosystem.  

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