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Maxonrow’s First Hackathon, MAXathon will take place in Berlin on April 18–19, 2020

Maxonrow will host its first-ever MAXathon from April 18-19, 2020, in Berlin, where participants will have the chance to win from a 15.000€ prize pool and explore how blockchain can be used to create solutions for healthcare, education, and governments using Maxonrow’s SDK. MAXathon will take place at Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park, a community space and startup lab, host of hackathons and events, where Berlin’s diverse network of innovators come together. 

MAXathon will be free of cost, and in addition to all meals and after-party, it will also feature workshops and activities led by industry leaders for participants who want to take a break from coding. 

“Last year, before Maxonrow began launching its product suite, we planned and attended over 30 events around the world to spread the word about the world’s first KYC Blockchain. This year, we want to kick off 2020 with our largest event yet, where participants will finally be able to play around with our SDK and features. We are expecting over 150 participants that include blockchain experts and enthusiasts, developers, students, and experienced techies.” said Carlo Chung, Maxonrow’s CTO. 

“A 15.000€ prize pool will be distributed among the top projects of the industry tracks that include solutions for healthcare, government, and education. There will also be awards for winners of the surprise challenges. I think this event is a must for the tech community in Europe as Maxonrow will soon become a key player in the blockchain space.” said Riccardo Lammana, Maxonrow Advisor and Founder of Crypto Wallet Check. 

If you want to join the Hackathon, you can register through their official page until April 17th, 2020, a day before the event. The sooner you register, the higher chances of winning as you’ll get the SDK and essential training material beforehand. To stay on track with the latest MAXathon news, you can join their Telegram channel


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