Mazda’s NFT makes a debut on Yoki Origins

Astar Network has announced that it is hosting the NFT debut of Maza, a global automotive company. The debut will be on Yoki Origins, powered by Polygon CDK. Astar zkEVM will help unveil a total of 10 NFTs – non-fungible tokens. All of them feature MX-5 MIATA, with pieces infused with Japanese aesthetics.

Ten NFTs are being launched as follows:

  • Four NFTs – Mazda x Japanese Season
  • 1 NFT – Mazda x Astar
  • 1 NFT – Mazda x Hiroshima
  • 2 NFTs – NA/ND MX-5 MIATA Special
  • 2 NFTs – Secret

The two secret NFTs will launch on Astar zkEVM. The development makes Astar zkEVM the first chain to integrate AggLayer by Polygon.

Astar Network has called it symbolic significance, adding that it is not just the first step but also a start to the captivating series. This means that Mazda could produce more NFTs in the future, potentially infused with Japanese aesthetics to capture the cultural essence creatively.

Polygon has confirmed the development by stating that they aim to bring a unified user experience (UX). Interestingly, the announcement has slightly marked an uptick in the listed value of ASTR. The token has increased by 0.31% in the last 24 hours, exchanging hands at $0.1243. However, the same is not true for MATIC, as the token is down by 2.09% in the same timeframe, listed at $0.8786.

Polygon CDK has previously committed to assisting Arcana Network. They will collectively back the debut of Validium, which stands as its cornerstone to revolutionize the Web3 landscape. With the support of Polygon CDK, Arcana Network is certain that the opportunities will be infinite.

Similarly, Astar zkEVM is simultaneously assisting CLOSEPA DAO in unveiling the MIYAKO Pad, its launch pad. Users can mint YoPort NFT on Astar EVM to gain access to exclusive rewards.

As for Mazda’s NFT debut on Yoki Origins, the automobile company entering the NFT sphere is another pivotal moment for the segment. One of the best ways to onboard one billion users to Web3 has been determined to be NFTs. Brands like Mazda joining the list only strengthen the efforts to achieve that mission. Also, NFTs are another way for the community to boost their crypto holdings, asset transfer, and digital ownership.

Polygon and Astar Network bring the best of their capabilities to the table. The automotive brand can leverage these to drive customer engagement.

NFTs have additionally been linked to a method that businesses might use to enhance their global promotional strategy without really being there. Mazda’s legendary MX-5 MIATA will be featured in NFTs with a unique subcultural feel.

Mazda’s NFT debut can be explored on the official Astar Network platform. It is mandatory to have an account before proceeding with the purchase or detailed exploration of the NFTs.

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