McAfee Announces Airdrop of 700M WHACKD Coins; Only 8,000 Registrations Available

In quite a weird event, computer scientist John McAfee launched “Eptein Didn’t Kill Himself” token, a cryptocurrency also called WHACKD. About 700 million of WHACKD tokens are up for an airdrop, and it is the last day for registration. Until now, only 8,000 people have registered, and all the tokens will be divided equally.

The token will be listed on the McAfee DEX on November 15; only a few hours are remaining for registration. John McAfee launched the token to show solidarity with Jeffery Epstein, who was allegedly killed while in jail, though the authorities claim that he committed suicide.

Epstein was a billionaire investor, who was convicted for sexually abusing dozens of girls, many of whom were below 18 years of age. In his private island in Virginia, Epstein is known to have installed discreet cameras that recorded “acts” committed by elites and he wanted to use this footage as insurance, and also for blackmail. The deceased had very strong and powerful acquaintances who visited the now-infamous mansion in Virginia, which include former US President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, and several other ultra-high profile personalities.

Epstein was a regular sex offender and had already spent 13 months (modified) jail term earlier, but this time, the courts had something more brazen in consideration.


McAfee is one of those who believe that Epstein was killed by the influence of the elites, who were afraid that he could blackmail them using the video footage he had. However, releasing a token in solidarity of a sex convict, who had pleaded guilty for a similar offense, is quite questionable.

Scott Cook

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