McAfee’s Advice Seeing the Light – Cubans Using Crypto to Evade US Sanctions

The United States has been the most dominant force in the world, both, economically and politically. The countries going against it have been confronted with strict sanctions, putting serious pressure on their currency and economy. Such countries usually have high inflation rates, and struggle to survive. However, the advent of cryptocurrencies is turning the table and helping countries evade the sanctions.

Cryptocurrencies are a threat to the US dominance globally and have faced stark criticism from all the factions of the establishment. Nonetheless, the demand for crypto in countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, etc., has been on a steep rise. John McAfee, the famed computer scientist and crypto promoter had been voicing for a long time that crypto is the answer to all the problems people face due to political conundrums.

It was recently reported that Cubans have stepped up the use of digital currencies to bypass the US sanctions imposed on it. Apart from making online purchases, Cubans are using crypto also for daily trade transactions and investments. This has led to the general public to ease the burden of the sanctions and have a stable value of their money.

Reacting to media reports, McAfee tweeted, “I believe my urgings to the Cuban people to use Crypto to avoid U.S. Sanctions took root.”

Cuba is yet another country which proved that the use of crypto could help the citizens stabilize the value of their money and escape the ill-effects of sanctions. Prior to it, Venezuelans used crypto to tackle hyperinflation in the country after it went into a refreshed political tussle with the US. In fact, crypto mining brought much-needed revenue for the locals as they used cheap electricity prices to mine Bitcoin in return for payments, which were made in USD.

US authorities are putting bets to catch McAfee, who’s succeeded continuously to dodge them. The mastermind behind McAfee anti-virus has been on the run for a few years now, though he manages to post his views and explicit support for the crypto industry via Twitter. He has been saying it for a long time that crypto is the future, and most of his analysis are steadily coming true, especially in crisis-hit countries.

Cuba, on the other hand, has been in a tussle with the United States and its allies for decades, which has hindered growth and development of the country. Luckily, after the introduction of mobile internet, the general public has been introduced to the world of digital currencies, which are turning out to be a savior. Given the influence McAfee has on computer literates, his views will definitely continue to play a pivotal role in propagating crypto among the masses.

David Cox

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