McDonald’s launches MacCoin on Big Mac’s 50th Anniversary

McDonald’s has released their own cryptocurrency in order to celebrate 50th Birthday of its most popular burger item, the Big Mac and it’s expecting to rule the crypto space.

Do you want crypto along with burger?

Presently, various International companies and corporate giants are struggling hard to enter crypto space, but McDonald’s is releasing its MacCoin. The limited edition crypto is focused towards burger fans who can collect the coins from this week across America in any of McDonald’s restaurant which they can later spend on a free Big Mac burger.

Even though the total amount of MacCoins are limited, they will be available for the whole year.

The Big Mac was released in 1968 and it became an instant hit not only across America but also around the globe. It became a popular product of the fast-food industry and is noticeable across all the 4 corners of the planet.

About 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants all around the USA is supporting the company to increase its presence in the crypto market using its new promotion and concept. This is the right time for the company to enter the crypto world as its sales have been decreasing over the last few years.

McDonald’s launches MacCoin to enter Crypto Marketplace

The MacCoin will be released in America on August 2. Here, burger fans will receive one coin when they purchase Big Mac. One of the most surprising things is, you can use the same MacCoin to purchase another Big Mac which is participating in distributing coins. This simply means that the price of the MacCoin will remain equal to the price of Big Mac in your region.

Crypto Market is attracting a wide number of firms, even the ones that are not even as popular as McDonald’s. It is anticipated that five unique MacCoin designs will be available which will depict every decade of the Big Mac.

In the latest announcement, McDonald’s disclosed that only 6.2 million MacCoins will be available throughout the USA and offer will be available till the end of 2018 or till the time coins finally run out. Last year, the firm sold more than 1.3 billion Big Macs, that’s why McDonald’s is using this product to enter the Crypto Space.


Due to continuously decreasing profits, McDonald’s is searching for a new way to attract more customers. Hence, the firm expects to take benefit of rising crypto market and increase its growth in the market.

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