MDEX Partners with X World Games

MDEX has entered into a collaboration with X World Games to launch the joint event of staking on the MDEX platform on 18th September according to MDEX review reports. X World Games is a renowned blockchain-based gaming platform that seeks to make non-crypto gamers engage in blockchain gaming and own NFT assets within the engaging environment. The staking event seeks to adjust the weight of trading, staking, and liquidity for the optimization of profit and efficiency. The details of the much-awaited staking event at MDEX are mentioned below:

Users can engage in staking $XWG/$BNB LP on the MDEX-Liquidity platform to rake in rich rewards in the form of $MDX tokens. This staking session shall last for 45 days. 

The event will also allow users to trade in $XWG/$BNB on the MDEX-Swap platform to earn rewards in the form of $MDX tokens for 45 days.

Users will be able to stake $MDX tokens on MDEX-Boardroom to win rewards of $XWG tokens for 15 days. 

The event hosts shall offer rewards of an additional set of Dream Cards featuring the Heroes to the top ten mining pool LPs. At X World Games, there are a total of 1,000,000 Dream Cards that operate on the Binance Smart Chain. 

MDEX and X World Games are collaborating to make the underlying blockchains of the platform and the DEX ecosystem available to users of both platforms. The protocol of decentralized exchange of MDEX operates on the Huobi Blockchain. The platform deploys the Automated Market Maker technology to fund the Liquidity Pools.Through the partnership, the MDEX platform shall offer a variety of incentive mechanisms to users that include LP pools, pairs, and listings. The users of both platforms will be able to access the unique option of Trading Mining. Users will be able to win trading protocol rewards through Trading Mining. The rewards will enable every user to engage in trading activities at MDEX. This will, in turn, boost the liquidity of the platform and increase the number of trading options.

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