Measures Taken by the Tech Firms to Combat the Aftermath of the Deadly Coronavirus

Coronavirus or Covid 19 is a virus showing symptoms just like normal influenza, but if not diagnosed on time, it may even cause death. Common signs of the infection include fever, respiratory complaints, cough, shortness of breath, etc. A novel Coronavirus or nCoV is a new strain of the virus reported in Wuhan, China, that has not been previously identified anywhere in the world.

Controlling such a berserk condition prevailing in the whole world is not an easy task and tech firms all across the world are coming forward to offer a helping hand to combat this crucial situation. Here’s how.

Various measures taken by the tech biggies to combat Coronavirus effects

Removing misleading information from the internet

Along with the aftermath that the deadly virus is causing, another cause of concern surrounding Coronavirus is the misinformation regarding the virus that is doing the rounds in various websites across the internet. Various tech firms all across the world are unanimously trying to rule out all such misleading information regarding the novel Coronavirus by removing the misleading content and by partnering with various fact-checkers. The internet has been inundated with self-announced alarming warnings, possible remedies (most of them are false), and baseless rumors regarding the virus. Tech firms are ensuring that whoever searches for Coronavirus on the internet; get authoritative health information from the right sources. Such platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, and Google, flash the link to the WHO website so that the users get the right and authentic information.

Moreover, these baseless rumors are creating hatred and discrimination among people. Also, if people tend to believe, either they are falling sick owing to following false remedies or are just brewing hatred among themselves, by fuelling racism against Asian Americans.

Paying regular wages to hourly employees

To prevent further spread of the deadly virus, Microsoft, the leading tech giant had announced to pay wages for hourly employees who were affected by the corporate response (like the work stoppages) to the deadly coronavirus. Following this humanitarian move from the tech giant, many other big tech firms have also announced to pay regular wages to their hourly workers, even if their working hours are reduced due to the rising concern of Covid 19 all across the world. Amazon and Google made the same commitments towards their employees.

Allowing employees to work from home

Another innovative initiative undertaken by the tech firms is to allow their employees to work from their home. This will reduce the further spread of the Coronavirus to a manifold. This will, in turn, reduce the need of those hourly employees whose on-site presence is a must, like the shuttle drivers or the café vendors. If less number of employees come to the office, there will be lesser chances of further contamination of the disease. Also, the need for these shuttle drivers or café vendors would become less if less number of employees come to the office, and their working hours would be reduced significantly.

IBM’s Statement on Coronavirus

To support global precautionary measures recommended by the World Health Organization or WHO, to combat COVID-19 Coronavirus, IBM is all set to adopt a brand new approach to its travel policies. The first-ever digital event, named “IBM Think 2020,” will be recreated as a global digital event to be held from May 5-7.

There will be interactive sessions and certification programs along with some locally hosted events at the IBM Think 2020 event that will highlight IBM’s technology for clients and developers who will not be burdened with the risk of travel.

Coronavirus has posed a massive blow to the global economy. And to tip, the scale of disruptions in the world economy is the misleading information and conspiracy theories surrounding Coronavirus that the tech companies are now taking good care of.

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