Meet New Official Partner of Aeternity Ventures: MVP Workshop

MVP Workshop has recently announced its partnership with Aeternity Ventures. Aeternity Ventures was founded in 2017. Its main vision was to support blockchain startups as well as blockchain projects with any kind of support that may include financial support, technological aid, product development assistance, marketing strategy support, help in the accounting department, as well as any legal support.

The two are not new to each other. They first met in November last year. There is meeting that discovery of coinciding visions of both the companies sparked the curiosity of working together sometime — this laid way for the possibility of a partnership between the two companies.

MVP Workshop pointed out that having a clear long-term idea about blockchain protocol always results in a very conducive working environment. This should only further benefit both the product development companies, as it acts as a ‘roadmap’ for understanding clients’ needs, business needs, and so on.

The company also expressed gratitude towards Aeternity Company for allowing its team of engineers to stay in constant conversation with Aeternity’s team. This communication and being on the same page has lead MVP Workshop’s engineers team to come up with ‘crypto gift card’ prototype, which is proof of knowledge. The main aim behind developing this prototype is to add comfort to the overall process, and in addition to that, it customizes the sending or receiving monetary gifts. It can be used on any occasion such as party celebration, birthday, or wedding, and so on. The user can create customized paper wallets, with their choice of design printed on them. Further, any message can be added to it, which open it up. Gifting cryptos in this fashion can be very interesting.

Aeternity Ventures spotted the potential in the innovative projects of MVP workshop. These projects can lead to the new product line for the new crypto stream and users. MVP Workshop has worked hard to earn the required experience and skill level to be worthy of the position to partner with Aeternity Ventures. MVP Workshop expressed excitement about being able to offer blockchain technology-based products on the Aeternity platform.

Trevor Holman

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