Meet the CEO of Blockchain Firm- Aqilliz: Gowthaman Ragothaman

Gowthaman Ragothaman is all set to launch ‘Aqilliz.’ What is ‘Aqilliz’? Well, it is a blockchain solution provider. This firm has come into existence with the supportive collaboration with another blockchain company ‘Zilliqa,’ which is here to offer infrastructure for safe and measurable futuristic answers for the enterprise clients. It is not the first blockchain-based partnership of Zilliqa. It has stretched its support in the form of partnership in many sectors such as- payments systems, digital advertising, financial sector, gaming industry, digital entertainment, and so on.

Ragothaman has been elected for the role of Chief Executive Officer at Aqilliz. He has served as the former global client lead at WPP. The work is reported to commence from October 2019. As per the announcement from the company, the main sectors of focus for Aqilliz will include the following, while facilitating stronger trust, transparency, and engagement:

  • Management of the digital supply chain,
  • Verification,
  • Authentication of transaction parties, and
  • Risk mitigation in costs and consumer outcomes.

Further, the company released a note that states that the role of Aaqilliz is to address those challenges that are specific to the digital marketing sector. The venture should support a fairer ecosystem. The vision will have ‘greater trust, transparency, and engagement’ as the undercurrent driving forces.

The presence of Zilliqa’s technical infrastructure will support Aqilliz to seek solutions to above mentioned three main important areas. Xilliqa has made its name by bringing in innovative, ground-breaking solutions since the past few years. For instance, two years ago, the company went into partnership with Mindshare, which leads to the establishment of- ‘Project Proton.’ This project looked at the advantages of blockchain technology in seeking solutions in programmatic advertising. In a similar fashion, Zilliqa’s strong research, technical experience, and deep insight into the blockchain technology should reap highly efficient solution that will be a success for sure.

On the topic- technological solutions handling the needs of brands, consumers, and the economy overall, Gowthaman Ragothaman has the following to say-

In today’s platform economy, tech solutions are trying to address the needs of either the brands, platforms, or the consumers, and not the entire platform economy as a whole. With the help of blockchain, we can address these needs equitably and in turn, unify all players in the digital marketing landscape. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this change, as we set a new industry standard that champions greater transparency, cost-efficiency, and trust. As we work together with Zilliqa, we will continue to build on the promising results seen on Project Proton.

On the other hand, Zilliqa’s President and Chief Scientific officer- Amrit Kumar said-

Businesses often struggle with moving from awareness to implementation. Aqilliz fills the knowledge gap, identifying key areas where blockchain is well-positioned to offer far-reaching solutions that will benefit all participants of the digital marketing ecosystem. Now that Zilliqa is open-for-business, we are excited to embark on a new venture that will allow our platform to be mobilized as the entry point for enterprise adoption.

The partnership of Aqilliz will go on branching out to various companies as the time will roll. As of now, the plan is to collaborate and to form a partnership with various companies in the field of advertising, data, marketing, technology, and analytics industries. Also, the company will start to onboard clients towards the last quarter of this year. The co-founder of Zilliq and Anquan (the Singapore-based technology group, and the company that took Aqilliz to the market); says that the company is proud of the combination of technical fines, the ‘cutting-edge research,’ the spectacular range of the various partnerships Zilliqa has formed over the last two years. He thinks that Aqilliz is sure to benefit and speed towards the mass adoption by using the strength of technical expertise, and industry ‘know-how.’

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