Megaweapon & Beam partner to offer an enhanced version of the shooting game

Megaweapon is currently in the open beta phase, but that is not going to keep the community calm. Excitement is pretty palpable now that Beam has come into the picture. The partnership between Megaweapon and Beam will see Megaweapon leverage the technical capabilities of the SDKs of Beam to offer an enhanced gaming experience.

Players can engage with the top-down shooter gaming content for no cost in either of the two modes – free for all or two teams fighting in the arena. Megaweapon comes loaded with the concept of a shooting game, allowing players to collect the weapons from the ground and start shooting their opponents. Alternatively, players can pick up the pieces and choose to construct their weapon as another inch closer to them for a win.

Players who relate most to the gaming title are the ones who have enthusiasm for shooting titles in the virtual world. It is teased to create hype across the globe, for it only takes forward the basic lines of the category into the Web3 world in association with Beam.

The task is to navigate through the arena, find weapons or pieces, circumvent obstacles, and shoot enemies. Battles are expected to be exciting and thrilling simultaneously. Those who strive to attain greatness will dominate the open beta as The Mech or a Ninja Warrior. There is no word on how much a weapon can be customized at the time of bringing pieces together; however, there is a surety that two options will prevail in the end.

Megaweapon will give the option to empower the virtual avatar for the upcoming battle or to retain the weapon as an NFT that can later be traded in a secondary NFT marketplace. NFT, or non-fungible tokens, will go live when Megaweapon becomes available to the public. In-game assets will then be tradable with $WEAPON also among players through Beam’s Sphere.

Until then, Beam is extending its assistance with:

  • Cosmetics
  • Tradable assets
  • Characters designed by players

Sphere is an NFT marketplace that has been integrated by Beam, making it seamless for its partners to get everything in one place. Strengthening the partnership with Megaweapon is the fact that they have mutual mission statements wherein the commitment is to prioritize gameplay experience.

This is important because Megaweapon is planning to introduce Web3 elements in the times to come. That majorly results in players losing what they came for in the first place – play the game. Megaweapon has shared its plans to take a different route instead, introducing Web3 elements meticulously with no effect on gameplay in any manner. Beam shares the sentiments, and hence, the partnership has come into existence with a chance that it will go a long way.

Megaweapon is tentatively expected to go live to the public in the fourth quarter of 2023, that is, by the end of this year. The final launch version may see the introduction of Megaweapon Pro and PvE gameplay.

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