Membership with Bitcoin Cash Gets a Green Flag from, On BCH’s Proponent Request

The famous chess games website- has opened the door for Bitcoin Cash BCH for its membership. Now you can avail for diamond, platinum, and gold by paying in Bitcoin Cash BCH along with Bitcoin BTC. As per the Alexa records, holds the 577 ranks and boasts 1 million chess games being played. The payment mode gave a green signal to the Bitcoin Cash BCH upon BCH proponent request.

On you can enjoy playing chess online, on the platform various gaming tricks and strategies can be discussed. Moreover, you can also share and watch chess videos as well as read up on knowledge base related to the game. as a company maintains an open mind towards the virtual currencies and welcome the crypto market innovations. Although, a few months ago, the company dropped its support for BTC. On this, the CEO- Erik of the company had the following to say-

“As for why we stopped originally – it is because Coinbase deprecated their payment links, and volumes had shrunken a lot anyway after BTC value correction. Anyway, I remain a hopeful believer.”

Upon opening gates for Bitcoin Cash, the CEO of the company told that he has got around 100 messages that complain about not being able to receive the payment. He further added that he was not aware of the fact that not more than 10 U.S. Dollars can be received on this account in one go. To stretch the receiving capacity, he would need to provide information such as utility bills, documents, photos and so on to Bitpay. He further added that he finds it quite ‘frustrating thing,’ given he is incapable of doing it for a long time. This might mean that it would take him another seven days for it. On Reddit the CEO posted-

On the other hand, Bitcoin Cash has many supporters. It is anticipated that soon big names such as Steam will be accepting crypto payments one more time. In the past, many firms including Steam, Expedia, and Dell were allowing Bitcoin BTC payments, but this changed and in some cases got dropped given there was a dip in the crypto’s demand.

The bearish tendency of the crypto market pulled the world’s largest crypto’s prices really low. Last year Bitcoin BTC saw a massive dip of 80 percent. This naturally had an adverse effect on the other cryptocurrencies alike. Further, this affected the demand of the crypto, and therefore several merchants dropped allowing the crypto on their platform for payment purposes.

Trevor Holman

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