Memes for profit: Best meme coin to buy today’s market

Meme coins have helped people make millions and even billions with a $1000 investment. Especially when meme coins are experiencing bullish momentum, who wants to be left with a bag of kibble at the end of the ride? 

So, without losing a breath, let’s explore the best meme coin to buy in 2024: BEFE (the hottest meme coins of the season), and see whether they are worth the hype.

BEFE: The rising star

Early last month, the BEFE coin experienced a sudden rise of nearly 55% within 12 hours, followed by an 88.5% increase over the next few days. This sudden price movement drew the attention of investors. 

Not only that, but demand for the Solana presale project is going insane. The opening $0.01 presale phase sold out instantly after going live, raising $10,000. Subsequent phases at $0.02, $0.04, and $0.055 were also instantly bought by BEFE buyers. Currently, it is continuing with phase 5, with a minimum purchase of $50 and a maximum purchase of $5,000. 

And that’s not all. The upcoming Phase 6 price of BEFE will be will be $0.085.

After this project is completed, BEFE coin will become available on all of the world’s best chains, namely the Ethereum Chain, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana Chain. These developments have already shown a glimpse of its impact, with its market cap touching $59.36M.


BEFE is also expected to be launched on a couple of more exchanges, making room for more enthusiastic buyers. With all these developments, we expect a bright future for BEFE.

In fact, Dogwifhat (WIF), another SOL-based coin and BEFE’s direct competitor, seems to lose the race with BEFE despite touching the $4 mark and securing the spot of the third-largest meme coin. In addition, WIF was seen trending in Times Square, New York.

Despite this hot news, the forecast in CoinCodex predicts that WIF could trade between $9 to $17.43 in the indices by 2025. This is a return of just 300% in 20 months. But BEFE is predicted to reach a return mark of over 1700% in the next week itself!

The BEFE coin trend is never-ending. It can be considered the leader of the meme coin trend for the current month and the entire 2024. Completing the SOL project can potentially cause a price surge of 1400% in BEFE.

Crypto is highly volatile and unpredictable. Hence, it’s always recommended that DYOR invest only in what you can afford to lose before making any investment decision. 

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