Merit Circle and Saga Protocol Enter Into Partnership

Merit Circle has announced its partnership with Saga Protocol, where Saga Protocol commits to bringWeb3 infrastructure to the table, making it better for game developers and the Web3 community.

Merit Circle has committed to invest $50k in the seed round under the partnership.

Saga Protocol provides developers the tools to launch dedicated blockchains as easily as one deploys smart contracts on the network. Multichain is the future of blockchain technology, but developers have found it to be a bit complex, courtesy of the sovereign chains that freely interact.

This hampers developers’ vision and restricts them from building their projects, indirectly taking the community in the back seat.

Saga Protocol helps in resolving the issues faced by not only the developers who are comfortable with the platform. But also for others who are trying to understand the gain control over the gas fee and its prediction thus acting as a layer that is scalable for the Web3 infrastructure.

While many platforms take this as an opportunity to push their native tokens, the same is not the case with Saga Protocol. It enables other tokens to accrue their values instead of being denominated into the native token.

As for the transaction fee, it is entirely removed by default so that developers are in control over how to monetize the said charge.

Saga offers access to Web3 infrastructure tailored for every GameFi developer so that there is nothing between them and the success of the Play-to-Earn space. Developers build their games on a dedicated chain, enabling better performance at a much higher level and lower cost.

The Saga Protocol comes equipped with Inter Blockchain Communication, also known as IBC. This enables the interoperability of gaming assets across different chains.

Developers often must consider assets while building a game on their chains. This is important because they could exclude themselves from a bigger ecosystem or wall off their game assets and users from large communities. This could ultimately affect the quality of gameplay and liquidity.

The next two months have everyone’s attention as the protocol could launch AlphaNet that will on board 50 projects and developers through Saga Innovator Program. In addition to the initial push, those chosen will receive support in marketing their projects and early access to tools & documentation.

The partnership between Merit Circle and Saga Protocol adds to their interest in games and takes games to the next level. The Saga Protocol offers tools to developers, in the absence of which the gameplay would remain to its current level instead of uplifting it.

Rebecca Liao, the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Saga Protocol, said that Merit Circle has always continued to innovate in its offerings. Rebecca Liao added that Saga Protocol was honored and excited to partner with Merit Circle to bring the best of Web3 infrastructure to its game developers and make the transition for others seamless.

Roxanne Williams

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