Merit Circle DAO to deliver gaming subnet Beam

Merit Circle takes great pleasure in the deliverance of its gaming subnet, called Beam. This will be positioned on the Avalanche network. It is a gaming-oriented blockchain that will be paving the way for DAOs products, as well as hordes of thoroughly exciting and engrossing games. Beam, on its part, is a sovereign network that has its eyes on gaming that has been introduced by Merit Circle DAO. It has duly been boosted by the Avalanche network and functions independently. 

It is entirely for the benefit of all connected players, as well as developers. It is commissioned by the Merit Circle DAO. It is speedy, as well as easy, and has a very basic fee structure. Its positioning is absolutely smooth. It is also very dependable. Beam assists in the creation of a game with the usage of blockchain technology, and it can be handled in just about any way the developer desires. The token of the DAO, which is $MC, is utilized as the gas on the network. This is the very need for validators. 

In order to have a suitably operating network, the requirement is for decentralized applications which make use of the network. Beam will also be delivered, having an entire array of products, as well as games. In its arsenal will be games such as Trial Xtreme, as well as Walker World, Hash Rush, along with Edenhorde Eclipse. Over and above all of that, there will also exist products like an AMM, along with an entire retinue of infrastructural products. 

In the imminent future, further hiring will be carried out by the freshly appointed CTO, Brandon Aaskov. According to him, Beam provides ownership, along with the management of it. They are also excited about working in tandem with Ava Labs and intend to work further on issues related to the lessening of fees and maximization of the potential of Beam.

Trevor Holman

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