Merit Circle forges an alliance with Framework Ventures

Merit Circle has formed an exclusive partnership with Framework Ventures. This will allow them to expand their game network, benefiting founders and professionals while also generating value for the DAO. They will have a well-known fund in the form of $BEAM holders.

The company has been associated with prime businesses right from their inception. These include Immutable as well as Polygon and Avalanche. Added to that are investors such as Pantera Capital.

According to the General Partner of Framework Ventures, Vance, crypto will be an integral part of gaming in the upcoming times. BEAM is leading in the field of onboarding large volumes of gaming users that are present in parallel with their crypto ecosystem. Going against the tide, they created software, communities, and marketing plans throughout the prime gaming chains. They are happy to work with advanced crypto use cases like Beam, Mark, and Pentoshi.

Framework Ventures was established in 2019. Presently, the company is a well-known investor in the blockchain space. The company takes credit for some prime projects like Chainlink, Optimism, Illuvium, Yearn Finance, and more.

This association says a lot about the company’s system. Their treasury’s financial foundation is organized into three sections. The first step is to obtain BEAM tokens. As a result, certain BEAM tokens are sold to astute investors. The treasury is then flooded with USDC by these investors.

They consider it a privilege to have endured periods of instability. As a result, futuristic investments have been undervalued, granting them the opportunity to make additional investments and strengthen their position in the gaming industry as a whole.

Roxanne Williams

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