Merit Circle Partners Crypto Raiders, an NFT-Based Dungeon Crawler

Merit Circle has published a blog post announcing that it partnered with Crypto Raiders. Merit Circle will invest $400,000 under the partnership agreement that looks to transition Web2 gamers to the Web3 ecosystem. Crypto Raiders is a fan favorite now entering the growing Web3 gaming community.

Merit Circle looks to partner with ventures that showcase the willingness to empower gamers by enabling them to own their preferable NFT item, which could be anything inside the game – a character or an item.

The partnership between Crypto Raiders and Merit Circle will enable players to experience freedom in owning items and achievements inside the game. Moreover, Merit Circle gains access to rights to showcasing the NFT collection in its upcoming NFT marketplace – Sphere.

Nick Kneuper, the Chief Executive Officer of Merit Circle, called this an exciting moment by saying that they now look forward to exploring synergies while extending support to build the Web3 gaming space.

Having Crypto Raiders as a partner is a huge asset for Merit Circle. The team that backs Crypto Raiders is full of game designers who are passionate about the field. The members’ expertise covers various gaming genres, with some of the members being former Grand Masters in TCGs.

Crypto Raiders is built on Polygon Network, allowing it to leverage a lower fee. It includes two modes, PvE and PvP, with players free to choose their forms which could be humans, elves, skeletons, or cyborgs.

It is a highly-interactive NFT-based dungeon crawler that allows players to level up their characters and defeat the opponent.

Passive players can also make their way into the game by claiming ownership of mobs and earning a portion of the defeated raider’s tokens & gear. The gameplay economy is based on two separate tokens – $RAIDER and $AURUM.

These tokens can be used in all the activities ranging from potion crafting to recruiting raiders. They are earned by selling materials and look gained during tournaments & hunts of dungeons.

$RAIDER and $AURUM are available on the Polygon Network with a much lower transaction fee for gamers. Players are at liberty to lock $RAIDER and use the token to vote on proposals that affect the game’s future.

Players can also stake the token to claim ownership over a portion of the economy. This additionally allows them to earn a fee from in-game and on-chain spending of the token.

Crypto Raiders functions on a player-centric approach by incorporating blockchain technology. The economy of the virtual space is very rich, with almost everything in the game representing an NFT owned by players, giving them full control over deciding the future.

NFTs earned by players can be sold or traded in the marketplace. Merit Circle adding Crypto Raiders as a partner is expected to do wonders for the upcoming Web3 gaming ecosystem.

Trevor Holman

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