Meta Oasis merges with Chainlink to boost NFT artworks

There seems to be a palpable amount of excitement in the air with the announcement of the incorporation of Meta Oasis with that of Chainlink Verifiable Random function (VRF) on the Ethereum mainnet. Metaverse happens to be a metaverse-based platform. With this very ambitious move and game plan, the extremely beneficial merger with VRF will open the doors for Meta Oasis to be in the position of effectively and beneficially connecting with a secure and auditable means of randomness that is the prime requirement in the proper and calculated disbursement of the NFT artworks.

Also included are the game paraphernalia and the blind boxes that lie in their possession and are frequently sent out from their platform. Inadvertently, all of this helps enhance the user experience and makes it much more convenient for them to conduct proper audits regarding their various artworks, other items, and blind boxes. Together with all of these benefits is the considered fact that the users can get connected with the most unique and rare NFTs that exist with them.

According to the team at Meta Oasis, the final and conclusive decision to team up with Chainlink VRF stemmed from considering the entity’s features. Chainlink VRF is well known for its absolutely new-age and highly advanced academic research system, which is also duly assisted by a dependable oracle network. All of this falls in extreme favor where the requirements of Meta Oasis are concerned.

Roxanne Williams

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