MetaBlox shifts its Roam Network on Solana mainnet

MetaBlox has shifted its Roam Network on Solana mainnet and paved the way for attaining the company’s goal of convenient accessibility globally.

Introduced briefly, Roam is an essential bridge between MetaBlox Labs and its users. It intends to bring together diversified WiFi availability areas within a sole network internationally. With the help of the Roam Network, users can easily access a large volume of network nodes and initiate a maximized exposure throughout multiple platforms and applications.

Solana credits itself with having 875,940 users daily due to its sheer acceleration, increasing use cases, and continuing technical furthering.

Regarding the shifting, the Roam Network will transfer its complete on-chain transactions, such as check-in, DIDs, and VCs, to the Solana blockchain. By utilizing Solana’s speedy, cost-effective, and upgradability transaction abilities, the Solana blockchain is the perfect way to forward the growth of the Roam Network.

Through the incorporation of the Solana blockchain, the company can provide a dependable and effective method of carrying out transactions in the Roam Network. Users will get exposed to easy and safe transactions.

MetaBlox is leading the building of a proof of location-oriented protocol for strengthening users to gain connectivity with nearby WiFi areas that come with the Roam Network. The protocol will verify users’ location on the blockchain, bringing about clarity for users and builders.

Additionally, MetaBlox intends to back up more projects that use the mechanism for wider Web3 activities. Roam will be offering privacy-safeguarded 3W data to every Solana dApp.

The incorporation of MetaBlox’s Roam Network with the Solan mainnet will revolutionize the connectivity and inventive space. With the help of the association, it may be possible for users to gain from highly accelerated, effective, and safe options in their digital interactions.

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